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  1. Once again Blob displays the command of the English language that got him a plush GS-13 writer-editor gig. Your tax dollars at "work," ladies and gentlemen!

  2. Can I get a commentary from Roy, who knew him so well? (my condolences.)

    I found this documentary on the life of William Schmalfeldt.

    Up to 1:40 appears to reflect his relations with young boys, it seems to be a sanitized PG version. There's a brief bit on his history of civil disobedience, then at 1:55 it starts on Bill's version of his DD 214.

    But what I found gripping was the depiction of his family life, 1:55 - end, especially starting at about 3:14. It frankly explains a lot...


    1. Isn't this comparison just a LITTLE offensive to Sloth? I mean, sure, he smelled like gym class, but he was willing to fight for his friends.

      1. I wonder how many chocolate bars it cost Kimberlin to buy Fat Willy's soul?? And being dropped as a baby would explain so much of Schmalfeldt's "issues".

  3. https://twitter.com/TheMerryWidower/status/667486075846336513

    Carry on, Dumbfuck. Don't bother asking Pat if you can buy a vowel.

    1. Borrowed straight from Charles Johnson circa 2007 or so. He got really fond of that locution - beclowning, followed by unintentional self-parodist.

      i was there. I admit it.

      1. I enjoyed it as well.
        My favorite moment was when CJ announced that anyone who gloated would be banned. I immediately posted my last single word comment "gloat". great fun.

      2. I bailed out of there around 2005, though I did stop back by to collect a banning. Good times.

      3. I just walked out after the dumb son of a bitch posted a memorial thread to Ted Kennedy. I'm not normally the type to virtually piss on someone's grave, but Ted Drunkennedy was a walking example of the problems in DC. As several folks posted stupid, maudlin tributes to 'the Lion of the Senate', my single word post was:


        And I deleted LGF from my bookmarks and never went back. I'd already started getting disillusioned because Charles had been ragging more and more on religion -- to the exclusion of actually dealing with the problems of progressivism. I honestly wonder if LGF's promotion of Rathergate was less about integrity and more because Charles had some kind of grudge against CBS, Dan Rather, or both.

  4. I think I'm in love with this tweet:


    New pool: How long until he rolls it over? I'm taking February 14th.

      1. eeeewww I didn't catch that, and don't want to know if happy its wife is dead MerryWidower deliberately chose "Kidd" or it was subliminal.

    1. Ive got February 29th on the roll over. But I'm also betting his rather large "frame" will test the scooters limits resulting in multiple breakdowns before the end of January 2016.

      I'd also like to wager on which crash will have William in the lake?

  5. Shaky spent some of Urn Whore's Death Payment I see. Looking at the upside down photo (honestly can't he post anything correctly?) that thing doesn't look like it will keep the wind, cold and snow out much. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

    Does it have a beverage holder so the Truck Stop Special Timing Device has a place to ride along during the JWR (Creme Soda) runs?

  6. Here is a question:

    What happens when one of these:


    Has 400 lbs of this riding on it:


    And it decides to turn at more than 0.5 mph:


    Hopefully there are security cameras to capture the moment! Oh wait --- Bill goes shopping for the first time on his own!



    1. Finally decided to stop guiding people out and to just leave Hell yourself, eh Zombie Mussolini?

  7. Permission granted, DUMBFUCK! Doesn't have to be cutting, choose any cure uou like but please no fire in the apartment building. People could be hurt. People who have others who care about them.

    1. Oh, you missed one of his miraculous recoveries? Yeah, he regained the ability to type, somehow. It may have involved someone saying 'if you don't shut the fuck up when I'm trying to sleep, I'm going to shove that mike up your fat ass,' or it may not. Rumors abound, you know?

  8. A clown on a tricycle - speechless


    why did you call my house pretending to be another Bill from the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal?

    Why did you erase the dirty S blog - was it because Cardinal Management couldn't see it?

    Their legal department according to the manager called the cops - wonder why?


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