res judicata…


Nut up and bring it, pussy.


UPDATE – DUMBFUCK is up late this morning.  What do you think, Horde?  TWO empty bottles of Johnnie rolling around the floor from last night?  Needed a little extra shut-eye to sleep off the hangover today?

That’s what I think.


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  1. Did Bill cease and desist when a young girl begged him to? His cousin claims to know.

    The only time he ceased and desisted in his life was when there was work to be done. Work like beg his friends at NIH for anything that could help his dying wife.

    1. That malignant monster, Bill Schmalfeldt certainly didn't cease and desist when a grieving mother who'd just lost her baby begged to be left alone to grieve. She'd never heard of Bill Schmalfeldt, and never done anything to that freak, but to this day it still calls her vile names, and repeatedly torments her and her husband over the loss of their baby.

      But don't you dare impugn the character of StGotCU - that's its schtick; starting with making the internet aware that their first date was a sleepover.

      1. You know, Blob said some really horrible, awful, terrble things about StGotCU while he was Krendler, ( ) and he kept doing the shit for over a year for nothing more than the hopes of his tip jar rattling a lil' bit. What kind of degenerate would so thoroughly trash his dying "soulmate" for a few measly coins that never even materialized?

        What a douchebag, huh?

      2. And under the malignant monster's own handle too -

        Archived here, among other places. If you open that link, note the url includes, "And F2". haha

  2. So, res judicata means we can continue to point out that the admittedly dementia addled, repeatedly cuckolded, Bill Schmalfeldt, who was 'fired' from promoting a charity for free, whose own children want nothing to do with the grotesque caricature, and who has been slapped with several restraining orders from multiple states has thereby effectively been adjudicated a cyberstalker and harasser, right?

    And we can continue to point out that as repugnant as it was to witness Bill Schmalfeldt live-tweet its mother's death, it topped even itself in taking away the last bit of dignity of its wife by tweeting and blogging every humiliating detail of her suffering as died - every loss of bowel and bladder control - and the pictures, oh-my-goodness those pictures that no one that had the least bit of care or concern would have ever taken, much less posted on the internet - and then THE picture that will no doubt get it special attention in hell. And that by its own words we know Bill Schmalfeldt was on the internet when she took her last breaths, and the ghoul demanded to be seen as a victim for ignoring her.

    We can also remind each other that when she had a sudden, dramatic weight loss, some of the horde expressed concern to which Bill Schmalfeldt replied that 'she lost it the hard way' - iow, "don't pay attention to the woman who appears extremely ill to complete strangers, look at ME, ME, ME!" When medical attention for HER then, instead of just IT, may have prolonged her life, or maybe just lightening up on the demands on her, having her run errands in her last weeks, etc. FTR - I'm with Howard; she escaped.

    That rape allegation sure rang true to me, after all, I read Bill Schmalfeldt's disgusting description of anal rape that got the malignant monster banned from the Daily Kos.

    Oh, I almost forgot - yeah, I saw the photos with the medals that don't appear on the official records, and I read the explanation proving some weren't possible. So if Bill Schmalfeldt wears unearned medals, and makes up military exploits, that's the definition of stolen valor.

    There is so much more to be revolted about, and why the freak's family wants nothing to do with it, why it has no friends, why it's all alone with only the internet, but this is a decent start.

    1. Don't you hate it when you write a big ol' wall-o-text and have to add a PS?

      Normal people don't consider describing cub scouts having sex, urinating on each other, scout leaders being involved in sexual exploits, or anything combing children and sex to be 'funny.' In fact, from what I've read, the state of MD, where some of that filth was created by Bill Schmalfeldt (as what the freak called 'comedy'), considers it kiddie porn.

  3. Dumbfuck continues to be a liar and nothing the fat slob can say will be believed. The mayo loving turd is on a tangent today!

    1. Lemme see if I/Google can help.

      Res Judicata = Thing Judged, or more completely "The thing has been Judged". The courts are done. The decision has been made. Go away or they shall taunt you again.

  4. You just know when Fifi Ferguson shows up that Bill will start to think he's invincible. I'm not sure what lies Fergie whispers in Bill's ear, but they are effective. I can only imagine the hilarity at the Ferguson hovel when Bill crashes and burns again.

    1. It makes Billy think that he's a SUPAH STAH! Unlike the Horde, which is an amorphous entity with members rising and falling, each of us being the moment's shining star every so often. Billy just needs to be impor'ant. The little yapper makes him feel BIG and STRONG. lolz

    2. I’m not sure what lies Fergie whispers in Bill’s ear, but they are effective.

      That he's got a good idea, that he's right, that he's going to - for once in his life - WIN.

      60 years is a long run with no positives to point to. Repeatedly asked to leave employment, given bad ratings, claiming undeserved awards, his own children avoid him, his romantic life is, well, no need to go into that...

      He's 60, and he's done nothing - despite many chances and opportunities. But he was always lacking, because he was trying to do it the easy way. Trying to con the system, hard work's for chumps....

      So all Ferguson has to do is encourage him. There's a reason he got picked for this particular duty.

      Nobody's ever, seriously, encouraged him and told him he was doing great. Until now.

      He's a sucker for it. To the exclusion of all common sense, all the warnings his "enemies" give him and good suggestions for his life - that can't overcome his overweening desire to the Important Guy. The guy smarter than all the others. The one who's pulling the levers and planning ahead.

      1. I still can't help but wonder what went so wrong with FiFi's life that he has been reduced to being Bill's fluffer on orders from a skivvy pedo. How the fuck do these people even dress themselves in the morning without assistance?

      2. Hahahahaha

        I don't think we should assume any of them are capable completing even the most basic tasks without assistance. Some are living the caricature of the loser living in their mother's basement; at least one is in a facility; and all seem bereft of social skills. That's the glue that holds them together - without each other they'd be alone.

      3. Kind of unfair to Mr. Reubens, isn't it? Yeah, his career cratered after that public indecency charge, but it seems like he's been trying to put himself back upright again.

        1. I did NOT see that coming.

          And no new episodes until January.

  5. Sometimes a monster just gets so stuck in its sweaty palmed happy place that it believes every dm'd encouragement to continue to screw itself royally. Let me get this straight:

    The freak actually filed legal documents claiming copyright on TMZ posts. Well, that means all of those failsuits accusing Grady of being the lead author were fraudulent, right? That opens some legal liability right there, including perjury, I'd think. I mean, Grady may just turn it over to MD prosecutors - the legal docs claiming copyright prove the failsuit was a fraud; Grady wouldn't even have to testify, right?

    Or, if the failsuit wasn't a fraud, then the copyright was filed fraudulently. Once again, seems to me like an actual criminal offense. Both sets of docs get turned over to the prosecutor, and none of the horde need appear or testify.

    On one set of legal docs or another (and I believe in both), the malignant monster did what it always does: It lied. And I don't see how a complaining witness would be needed, since it's an offense to the court or an offense to the government.

    No loss of anonymity, just a great big pile of FAIL - and criminal charges, if'n anyone were to turn over the paperwork with a short note. Anonymously, of course. 😉

    We're gonna need more popcorn.

    1. We’re gonna need more popcorn.

      At this rate, TK is going to be the root cause of food riots in Mexico City.

  6. No doubt about it, Gail's Abuser has certainly shit the bed he's made and has to lie in this time.

    1. Oh, boy, is SOMEBODY going to be surprised when the notice arrived.

      Rather amazing how fast "with prejudice" changes from a trivial irrelevancy to Perry Mason-like case-ending.

      Somebody needs to talk to Ely more.

  7. Everyone assumes Witless Willie is a DUMBFUCKS because he is really, really dumb. Sensible, but wrong. Willie is a DUMBFUCK because he does really, really dumb things despite having intelligence only slightly below normal. (Doing things that both your intellectual superiors and inferiors would describe as dumb may make you a meta-moron of course.)

    For those unable to follow the Billogical , let me provide a guide in this case.

    Bill puts a "book" up for sale.

    Bill initially claimed that he did not write the "book." To the extent that writing implies creativity and mental work, that initial claim was true for everything ripped off in the "book." To the extent that Bill considers using "copy" and "paste" to be writing (and he does), that initial claim was a lie. But Bill knows that the lie will not harm him. First, he knows that his reputation for lying is already so black it cannot be darkened further. Second, he has no legal duty to tell the truth to Lickspittles and Zombies on his blogs or Twitter line: he is not under oath. Third, even if he did have a duty to tell the truth, no one was harmed because no one believed him. So it was a "safe" lie. He thinks that was smart because it was safe. But it was dumb because whatever he hoped to accomplish failed.

    Now of course he proudly acknowledges his skill at copying and pasting. He is pretty sure that too is "safe" because he is judgment proof. And anyway, he is pretty sure he changed a phoneme or two in everything he copied so he can claim some sort of transformative effort, another lie because if there is anything Willie avoids it's effort. This is not so smart: a decent lawyer knowledgeable in the law of intellectual property will run rings around Witless Willie. And Willie forgot all about that contract back in Maryland stipulating venue. But still he remains judgment proof, something he is proud of because if you must be a financial failure, you should be so total a financial failure that the only way you can buy a new coffee pot is to wait for the death benefit on your wife's life insurance.

    And of course he looks like an ass. The book says he was Krendler, accusing his own wife of being a whore, albeit a cheap one because if he had managed to marry a successful one he would have failed at being a total financial failure, and suing Grady for being him. But that too is safe: the whole book is fiction, meaning another set of lies. He never was Krendler and never (at least when sober) thought he was Krendler.

    And yet he is a DUMBFUCK because what he has shown is that he wants to be able to fool people as Krendler has fooled him and wants to write as well as Ash, Hoge, and Krendler, but HAS FAILED ONCE AGAIN.


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