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Do you hear…music?

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But you know what the most hilarious (and informative) thing about its post is?

Not a word about the two posts covering his false medals in the Navy.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie


  1. Don't worry about THAT... others will be writing many, many words about those medals and some other navy history. it will be... GRAND!


  2. William's fundamental misunderstanding of how the law works remains intact, I see.

    *chug, chug*

    1. Defendant
      also known as Paul Krendler
      "Plaintiff seeks to dismiss the instant suit with prejudice in regard to all named and unnamed defendants."
      ORDER granting 35 Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice.
      Signed by Judge Richard D Bennett on 8/19/2015 1:15-cv-01241

      1. Just a question---WHY did he ask for the case to be dismissed WITH prejudice??? What possible benefit was it to him? Or was he temporarily gripped in the, heh, "thought" that this would prove to everyone how he was done, done, DONE WITH YOU ALL and would never dream of wasting another moment of his precious life thinking about the like of you, which has now morphed into "REWARD FOR KRENDLER'S IDENTITY!!!"

        Because I know that I sure am willing to spend $1000 on the name of people I don't care about.

        But again, why the "with prejudice"? Seems a dumb move right about now. Perhaps he is regretting that choice, as he should so many others in his life.

        1. @Sam,

          I can think of a few reasons.

          1. First he sued Grady, and in his every filing, Grady exposed Schmalfeldt as an idiot with no understanding of the law. Additionally, Grady steadfastly refused (as was his right under the Federal Rules) to provide a premature answer to the complaint. Predictably, this infuriated the big dumb bastard, particularly Grady’s refusal to deny outright that he was me. I think a footnote in one of his filings noted that Schmalfeldt’s claim to that effect was perhaps the only well-pleaded claim in any of the Plaintiff’s filings, was thus entitled to a presumption of truth by the court, and as such required no denial prior to the filing of an answer to the complaint. I think Grady did that just to piss him off, which helped everybody in the end.
          2. He added at least two very dangerous opponents in his Amended Complaint. David Edgren and Scott Hinckley. David is a retired attorney with plenty of time on his hands to make life miserable for a pro se foolish enough to sue a lawyer, and so that is what he did. Scott Hinckley is basically a guy who did nothing but appear to be a dog that Schmalfeldt could kick. Instead he turned out to be a pitbull – a very angry pitbull.
          3. Based on Schmalfeldt’s own statements, David attacked his IFP filing. Scott filed counterclaims based on the disturbing emails Schmalfeldt had sent to him and his wife, as well as other harassing contacts Schmalfeldt made after being notified to stop. It was pretty clear that nobody was behaving with proper deference to the Dread Pro Se Schmalfeldt. As a result his own filings got progressively less coherent.
          4. I think he knew that David’s intent to challenge his IFP status would shine too much sunshine on his finances, and the financial relationship between himself and his stepson TJ. I’m not sure TJ ever became aware of the possibility, but I think if he had, he would have expressed EXTREME DISPLEASURE with Bill over the prospect of having to appear in court under any circumstances.

          I think it became clear to him that the tide was running hard against him. So, using the death of his wife as an excuse to fail-and-bail, he asked to dismiss with prejudice, just to get out from under the whole clusterfuck.

          Which, apparently, he now thinks he can win again.

        2. I'd add that William is biologically incapable of long-term thinking. This could be in part related to Parkinson's, but more likely is a natural expression of his being a fucking idiot, as evidenced by his belief that he can file the same claims again without consequence.

      2. I suspect because he knew that some of the defendants were not going to let it go if he tried for a dismissal without prejudice. If I remember correctly, at least one defendant tried to fight even dismissal with prejudice.

      3. The DiCK had basic cognitive difficulties long before Stage Zero Parkinsons. See the Price is Right video for evidence.

  3. Whoo! Thousand bucks!

    ... Wait, it's only open to Stranahan, Hoge, or Akbar?

    The guys ... who aren't in any financial strain?

    That's even more deranged than usual.

    I mean, I'd be interested in selling you out, PK, nothing personal.... but those promises and oaths are only good while you're alive...

    But... Even if he was honest about the thou (and we know he's not)... doesn't he understand that zombies sell out for more than a scooter and/or case of JWR?

    Heck, that's not even 3 months in the profit-sharing!

    1. That's his idea of how to prove it's the OTHER guy who is deranged.
      The guy with the stable name and site for years.. is "shown" to be more deranged than the guy he's parodying who changes sites/handles near-weekly.........

  4. You're right, it's strange he doesn't bring up his Stolen Valor. Nor does he seem to want to have to defend the rape accusation. Hmmmm.... One we have iron clad proof of. The other is only an allegation but seeing as how he is so loath to face it in court maybe there is something there.

  5. Yet again, the idiot republishes posts that inflamed its massive butthurt by telling the truth about repeatedly cuckolded Bill Schmalfeldt, admittedly addled by dementia, whose own children want nothing to do with it, who has no relationship with its grandchildren, who was "fired" from voluntarily promoting a charity, slapped with multiple restraining/peace orders in multiple states adjudicating it a harassing cyberstalker. smh

    I enjoyed re-reading the TMZ posts. I note that the the St. Francis fungus didn't mention a single falsehood in the entire lengthy list of posts. I also note that they paint an accurate and very unflattering portrait of the demented ghoul.

    1. I have a complaint here from 'First Church of Mordiggian' asking you to please stop calling Bill a ghoul. They don't want to be associated with him either.

      Also an invitation to a Friday dinner, but I think I'll pass on that one.

      1. The Union of Professional Grave Robbers previously rejected any connection, as no one in their organization was nearly so depraved, nor would their members sink so low; Federated Fiends also rejected any association because the depth of stupid undermines and discredits the evil intent.

        Note the only group that truly accepts the freakshow as a member are self-created, but even those groups regularly expel the malignant monster and attempt to destroy all evidence!

  6. Do you hear…music?

    For a second there, i thought it was the sound of healing and moving on. KOOKY, huh?

    1. A thousand? Woo-oooh. I'd never work for so little.

      Except once, and it was a very noble cause.

    1. We've got some folks on Hogewatch offering to pitch in funds if Bill gives testimony and evidence that puts Kimbertron in the cross-bar Hilton.

      1. William lacks the courage to see his lulzsuits through, let alone turn on someone with a well-established propensity for violence.

        For all of his talk, he's fundamentally nothing more than a source of amusement for me.

      2. I highly doubt anyone believes even team evil is stupid enough to entrust admittedly dementia addled Bill Schmalfeldt with any info they don't want made public.

        Even if useful information was somehow acquired by failure Bill Schmalfeldt, who was repeatedly cuckolded, repeatedly court ordered to stop cyber-stalking and harassing people in multiple states, ostensibly so damaging to their brand that a charity "fired" Bill Schmalfeldt as a volunteer advocate, not only appears too stupid to get it right, it's such a liar, no one could rely on info provided.

        Besides all that, didn't Bill Schmalfeldt's last courtroom venture include an attempt to plead diminished capacity? Whether it was that appearance or another, I just don't see how any court could accept as credible any testimony from anyone with the history or circumstances of Bill Schmalfeldt - even especially if on its own behalf as the plaintiff.

        I do hope someone with credibility collects the reward.

      3. Courage is only one of many things lacking - including any redeeming quality, or even humanity, imo.

        I'd suggest a testicular lack, but that's not quite accurate due to those very tiny and very sore little nutfeet.

  7. guys Bill put Hoge, Karl Roves and Ali Akbar's faces on turd years before a lickspittle did it.

    He mocked a dead baby's parents for months, years before Gail jokes started.

    I'm sorry for Gail, her loved one's, but she also participated in mailing false harassment suits more than once.

    1. He called that baby's mother a prostitute. Still does, as a matter of fact. Not that she could ever keep up with the Truck Stop Dolly.

  8. Hahahaha and again smiles in my house.... question, why would he post this collection of lulz and not try to show where the lulz is wrong? I end up confused by what he thinks this accomplished. Of course that is true about most of the stuff he does. On the plus side hahahahaha a great morning here.

  9. Interesting post at The Digital Reader.
    Note this paragraph:

    This would not be the first time Amazon has removed ebooks for ToS violations (although it is perhaps the most esoteric). Amazon has conducted at least two sweeps of public domain ebooks, and they've also banned ebooks made from web content or from GPL-licensed content (a software manual, for example).

    Bold is mine.

  10. I'm no lawyer, but it seems that you can't actually publicly accuse somebody of hurting your feelings, while simultaneously broadcasting the pictures which caused you hurt.

    "Krendler hit me in the head with this hammer like this! OUCH. And this. Ouch!!!"

    1. Republishing libel is also a poor legal strategy, in that it at least suggests that it can't be all that damaging if you're publishing it yourself.

      William would have learned this himself had he had the minimal courage and competence required to see any of his lulzsuits through to the fact-finding stage.

      1. And republishing it without rebuttal or correction? Isn't that not only undercutting any claim of harm, but also suggesting they're true?

        Bill's recitation of offenses could be taken as an admission against interest.

        1. Yes, but the most disastrous thing about it is that it almost always broadens the reach of the libel, which is one of the primary factors in assessing damages. So, even if the material is proven to maliciously false and ruinous to one's reputation (which I"m not saying is the case here,) it's likely that you would be awarded nothing.

          The lesson in this is that if you insist on being litigious, it really helps not to be a DUMBFUCK.

      2. Y'ever notice that sane and sober people involved in litigation tend not to be overly chatty about it?

        There are reasons for that. But let's help William in continuing to think that he's smarter than the rest of the world.

      3. Finally, all William seems to accomplish with these pieces is effectively google-bombing himself, which is why I giggle my ass off every time he does it.

        1. That's why he's my single favorite thing on it, Cousin Roy. He just can't seem to FOCUS!


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