10 thoughts on “Let's Check The Scores”

  1. Copyrights burning in an open fire
    Johnnie Walker nipping at your nose
    Lake effect snows on your new scooter’s tires
    And folks dress up like Eskimos

    Everybody knows
    A turkey of a blog talk show
    Spreads his so-called humor’s blight
    Tiny tots who have heard Billy’s show
    Will find it hard to sleep tonight ...

  2. The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower
    What does it say about Hoggy's mental status that he boasts on his blog that he's sifting through my old, deleted blogs? How's Connie?


  3. Sometimes an 'Unconcealed Troll" needs something a little extra to go along with JWR to gain the dauntlessness of being such a special "DumbFuck." - Part 1



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