Just Wondering…

Did anyone on the Internet bow down today before the intimidating legal glowering of Wisconsin’s newest pro se expert?

Was there any crumpling to the floor in tears?

Wailing and gnashing of teeth?

Perhaps a spot of “Stop! Stop!  I’ll tell you everything, just don’t breathe that nasty mayonnaise breath on me any more?”


Hmph.  How disappointing.

I wonder if anything else interesting happened in the legal orbit of DUMBFUCK today…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Just Wondering…”

  1. hahahaha You're on a roll today, Oh Prince of Parody (may FUN be always upon you). I haven't stopped laughing since "show prep"! hahahahahahaha

  2. The fat slob is trying to figure out his next, intelligent move...I can't wait! I wonder what surprises will be spewed tomorrow!

  3. OK guys and gals (Can I say gals or is that exhibiting the hegemony of the cis patriarchy?) William Schmalfeldt of the Stolen Valor has spoken. No more talking about him on other peoples blogs. He really means it this time. Cease and Desist talking about him or else!

  4. If DumbFuck nasty mayonnaise breath were to be analyzed, new pathogenic fecal microorganisms would probably be discovered.


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