Just Asking Questions

So:  do they make one of these

that will fit one of these?



Or would it just be easier to pour it?  I would think after the third or fourth refill, the spillage factor would go way up, and you’d probably wish you’d gone the other way.

Maybe a long straw…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

28 thoughts on “Just Asking Questions”

  1. Maybe he can branch out


  2. http://i.imgur.com/iSxoDgw.png


  3. http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/82/b9/88/82b9883e1ad22a43a2756b5569759bdd.jpg

  4. Hey FatAss!!! Stop trying to make "psychofuck" happen. It's NOT going to happen. And for God's sake, try to be original. It's embarrassing for you. I saw on my Walgreens app that the store near you has the Johnnie Walker Red Label in the no-slip-grip 1.75L ON SALE!!!!!!

    1. No.

      But everyone already knew that.

      For the record: J&BB, Jim Beam and JWR, B or even Blue, are not "sipping whiskies", either.

    1. They even make duct tape specifically for dealing with liquid, assuming you can't find some old EB green. (EB green and 20+ coats of paint kept one of the sub tenders from sinking for years.)

  5. Hey remember all the terrible things BS accused others of doing with zero evidence or by drawing conclusions from pictures out of context? Remember how he ruthlessly mocked those folks online and in some cases by calling and harassing them?

    Good times, right?

    Now Mr. "Three sheets to the Wind" is having the sadz because people are pointing out he might have a dwinking pwoblem. Awwww,,,,

    I don't think BS has a drinking problem... he obviously has the ability to continue to get his bottles of liquid courage without problem! I think BS just needs to hit the bottle extra hard in order to unlock his magical fantasy land that he loves to visit -- you know the one where he is the "victim" and all his current problems are the fault of others. The drunky fantasy land where he is a big city hot shot reporter who breaks all kind of anti-corruption stories against Right-wingers and has a bunch of awards hanging on his office wall. The drunk fantasy land where he goes home to a beautiful loving wife in an upscale subruban neighborhood where he has a nice home.

    And like all fantasy's this one slowly collapses back into a dreary, painful reality....

    Like how he nut shuffled as fast as he could from Maryland to Wisconsin following the death of his spouse. Where he had to abandon a run down trailer home he had been sharing with his step-son the pinnacle of his success. How he is now living in a rent subsidized facility staring at the walls each day wondering "How did it all come to this?" as he reaches out for another hit of that wonderful amber liquid. He looks up at the walls adorned with the cheap acrylic awards received from faceless bureaucrats that mean nothing and will be sent to the landfill with most of his possessions on his passing. Unloved... unneeded... stuffed away in his small cell until he passes...

    Yes BS leads a sad, sad life but he only has himself to blame for his predicament.

    And as anyone who has ever had to deal with a friend or family member with substance abuse problems knows it is easier for that person to keep abusing their substance of choice while blaming others for their failures instead of taking personality responsibility. BS will continue to keep his self-built fantasy running with JWR.. and we will continue to point and laugh.

    1. You were too kind, A.B. From the malignant monster's own words we know the reality is it deserves even worse. Disgusting, demented and drunk is no way to go through life - look how it turns out.

  6. I thought he was just shitlording it because of his oppressive, racist, patriarchal cis normative chromosomal failures.

  7. WedMD Dr. Dumbfuck offers his medical opinion.


    1. Pooter Hole, Poop, sack, coin purse, poop flakes, hairless ass. Also things that DUMBFUCK says over and over. So evidence of autism AND latent homosexuality?

    2. And he thinks others say the same things over and over again? Does this mean that he thinks he himself might be autistic?

      It's only a "sign" in a small portion of those with autism. It's also a "sign" of Alzheimers.

  8. You have to be an egotist to survive in broadcasting!

    I wonder who told William that.


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