Interesting Developments in Copyright Law

Apparently, I can send an email to anywhere I want asking permission to reprint an author’s material, and whether that author receives my email or not, if he or she does not respond (regardless of whether he or she received the email or not), then that can be taken as consent.





Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Interesting Developments in Copyright Law”

  1. now does that only count for written material or does it also apply to photos???

    asking for a friend.

    1. Good thinking! Permission is permission, I'd think. Or, to be more precise, it's not theft until someone files a complaint, or hires an agent or lawyer to file a complaint.

  2. It seems that there's nothing William won't rape; logic, copyright law, women ...

    Fairly impressive for a man with a useless crank, really.

    But the man can dance!

  3. You know, I was just thinking about how much FUN we’ve been having laughing at the big, ugly, shaky bag of FAIL. If we were to start digging into the reclusive TJ, and get Roy to regale us with some family stories, and if maybe A.B. can find an old shipmate of the malignant monster’s to interview, that could be FUN too, kwim?

    In fact, maybe we should start working on our holiday card list - maybe send the kind when you open them you hear the malignant monster's voice describing cub scouts doing things many would find pornographic.

    Maybe a whole package of stuff to the home... you know, so there's plenty to go around...

    1. I have the perfect pic to grace the cover of such cards,
      of course I'll have to photshop tinsel on the hospital bed just to give it a "holidays" feel.

  4. I sent an email to Joe Schmoe asking if I could copy everything from Dirty Schnitzel and Merry Widower. Never heard back so it must be ok.

    1. But, but, but, wait! Isn't that ENOUGH inducement for you? Because of COURSE you will spill the beans on something that didn't even occur, won't you? Because, ALTRUISM!!!11!!!ELEVENTY!!!!11!!1!

      You were going to spill it all, you dirty dirty rat, weren't you. Now come on into the back room so that we can giggle over the Blobby thinking you would actually go for it.

  5. Johnny Walker Esq. is now speaking for Schmalfeldt.

    No, seriously, he actually tweeted this..


      Mental deterioration like a snowball rolling downhill after a fresh snow during the last few years - we're gonna need more popcorn.

  6. hahahaha JW visiting again last night, I see. hic!

    Vets fought and died specifically so the malignant monster could read any blog it chooses, but forget about your free speech!

    1. The free speech thing confuses him Jane. Just better never mind and past him on the head instead. Lolz


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