I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here Forever


And for when the most recent soon-to-be-deleted DUMBFUCK Twitter account vanishes…

The Internet Is Forever.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here Forever”

  1. Let's be fair, Paul. That was seventeen whole days ago. Think of the voices in William's head, echoing through the empty Man Cave and emptier fifths, telling him how his lulzsuits make the world smile. Now, think of hearing those voices non-stop for seventeen days.

    Especially when the voices aren't wrong.

    1. I would just drive you CRAZY, wouldn't it? All those voices, clamoring that you are the smartest man in the world and that you must. File. LULZSUIT!!!!!!

      Because who wouldn't want to read that brilliance? And it is brilliant, isn't it?

      It's unfinished business anyway. Have to tidy up loose ends, I suppose.

      1. The lulzsuits are far more enjoyable when you understand that they're written more as performance art than serious litigation. William has fancied himself an entertainer his entire life, but has been condemned to ignoble obscurity.

        The lulzsuits as a way for him to force a captive audience to watch him dance.


      2. F. Lee Dickdents gonna fight for TROOF, JUSTICE, and the BY GOD AMERICAN WAY!!!

        From under Miss Cindy's skirt.


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