Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!


I’m sure that site will vanish just as fast as a DUMBFUCK can file a DMCA Takedown, right?

That #FalseFlag #Sock has been commenting at Team Free Speech sites for at least a couple of weeks.  A DUMBFUCK who Google Alerts its own name would have known about the site long ago, certainly before this Tweet appeared:

And it would have flown into a monkeydancing rage like it always does.  But I wonder why a DUMBFUCK would be so upset?  Maybe references to the picture still have some steam left in them.

Mental note made.

The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is this: How can a DUMBFUCK who is both completely transparent and completely full of shit be SO PASTY WHITE?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

25 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Or maybe it doesn't really care because DUMBFUCK created the site using the same stupid logic that made him tweet this:

    It always thinks that "we" have to denounce such stupidity. We don't have to do any such thing. If that sort of thing bothers DUMBFUCK, he can get it taken down. Or take it down himself.

    1. William has never known who calls the tune and who dances, which goes a long way in explaining why I love him so.

    1. Definitely a fav of the freak's. IIRC, it also left similar sentiments at Kyle's and other blogs; likely anywhere its ever (briefly) been allowed.

  2. Here is a question for the DUMBFUCK.

    If you don't mean to put Eric's daughter in harms way, why on earth are you posting pictures of her? No one here posts pictures of your kids do they? What do you think this makes you look like? "I'm having a beef with some guy so I"ll just keep posting pictures of his daughter who is serving her country and....." And what DUMBFUCK? What do you hope accomplish? The same thing your Pedo Hero did when he outed Aaron and kept putting his personal info out even when the court sealed it? Say, didn't you give him a big assist with that? Sure you did! And didn't you post the address and pictures of someone's home right after your buddy suggested someone go rape his wife while he wasn't home? Sure you did! I'm starting to see exactly what you are trying to accomplish and it's not pretty is it William? Why did you help an admitted pedophile, military saboteur, and someone who loves to work with radicalized Muslims put out the name of Aaron? And now you are trying the same thing with someone who is actively severing. What would you say to them? What possible reason would you give to them on why you think it's a good idea to plaster that picture on you blog several times? Curious to know your thinking process on this.

    As for the emails, did they come from Eric? No, you can see the return mail to. NOT from Eric. You just ASSUME they are from him and run with it because you SUCK at logic. Well that and intelligence. Not much of that to spare in that head of yours is there?

      1. Sorry, think-o.

        You gotta leave a whole lotta room for stupid.

        I admit, I've defanged my own insult.

      2. And a heaping helping of pure evil. There is no other reason for him to do it. He's evil and he wishes harm to come to someone's child that is serving the country. "I don't like that man so I'm going to do something that may get his child harmed." Sounds exactly like a Stolen Valor Bill Schmalfeldt tactic.

  3. Bill posted peoples children's pictures all the time, I do use that pic as my avatar and will from time to time use pictures of my children. Bill takes that as permission to harass my children.

    1. The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 23m23 minutes ago
      Anonymous dirtbags grinding their F5 keys into dust waiting for me to post something here so they can copy and mock it, call ME stalker.


      Hmmm who had to just post a picture of Haley and Mark and try to bring attention to them?

      Stalker much? who called me at my house pretending to be someone else? Who told the owrld that he was broadcasting from Juniper Court, even made public a play list of what he was broadcasting and now is crying like a little babby that someone told the management what he was doing when he was advertising it already?

      What a fucking idiot...

      I mean stupid is as stupid does he look everyone I'm playing explicit pornographic crap from my religious community apartment tee hee tee hee hey look here's the playlist blah blah blagh

      Hey but don't you dare tell anyone or else....

      What a moron........

      1. Several judges in multiple states have determined Bill Schmalfeldt is stalking and/or harassing; not so with members of the horde.

        Also, big difference between ONE malignant monster hitting and F5 key 100+ times per day, and 50 - 200 people randomly checking its twitter to archive evidence. The latter group in total doesn't hit the single twitter account nearly as many times as the malignant monster hits the various TFS twitter accounts. And the group has many, many hands, making very light work. None of us spend our day at it; e.g., I see the tweet BPO copied above - doesn't mean I've checked the freak's twitter.

        The first is obsession; the second is a comparatively large group of victimized people archiving evidence.

      2. Out here on the freeway they don't call it stalking.

        They call it "rubbernecking delays."

        That is the very highest calling a certain DUMBFUCK can aspire to.

  4. "I think we can persuade him to do
    The famous fat boy dance for you
    Give me half a chance
    I just know you'll like my fat boy's dance"

  5. Seems as though Bill thinks criminal activity requires a conviction.

    His patience will pay off soon, I'm sure. Just because he can't help himself.

    1. He doesn't seem to believe that when he's discussing the conduct of others, does he?

      Having said that, rapists tend to project.

  6. "The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is this: How can a DUMBFUCK who is both completely transparent and completely full of shit be SO PASTY WHITE?"

    It's the mayonnaise.

  7. I just went to turdsrfood. May I simply note that it looks a lot more like Bill's stuff that anything created by the horde. Hoge, Alexander/Krendler/Morgana...we use very simple wordpress themes, since the message is the thing.

    I call "false flag" designed to make the good guys look bad.


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