Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

 You know, for a DUMBFUCK whose dick hasn’t worked for over a decade, Schmalfeldt sure does fuck itself in the ass with regularity.

DUMBFUCK lies.  Everyone knows DUMBFUCK lies. And the inevitable fallout never disappoints.

From over here in the cheap seats, still unidentified by the COSMICALLY IGNORANT ALCOHOLIC PUSBAG, it’s going to be FUN.

Another day. Another monkeydance.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

45 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. One wonders why a DUMBFUCK didn't post said DMCA notice. He certainly hasn't been shy about doing so before.

    1. Too drunk to figure out how? So addled by dementia forgot how? And/or a known LIAR - Lyin' of Lebanon - is lying AGAIN.

    2. Yes, we're waiting. Not with bated breath, because fainting is frowned upon, but definitely tapping our toes and crossing our arms.

      1. Not me. I got presents to buy, games to play, books to read, videos to watch, friends to amuse, and family to entertain. I'm not waiting for Cabin Boy to do ANYTHING 😀

    1. Now, now Jane. he has explained that it was an ordinary female prostitute, not a tranny, with whom he had sex on stage in front of a paying audience. Once you realize that it was not a tranny, you realize that having sex on a public stage could happen to anyone, one drink too many and there you are, up on the stage having it on with a member of the appropriate sex.

      1. A reminder of what Bill looked like when he was in the Navy:

        I'm not sure who needed to be more drunk -- the prostitute or Bill.

      2. Reminder: he was married when he had sex on stage with the prostitute.
        He was still married to wife #2 when he had sex with the woman who would become his third wife.
        He is fond of calling women adulterous whores.
        Remember, SJWs always project.

      3. There's plenty of good reason to call the freakshow the Lyin' of Lebanon; stolen valor is only one. That it denied having sex with a tranny, months after the admission was noticed, is all the proof anyone should need to show it did have sex with a tranny. 😉

      4. 1) I don't buy the story it was a female. 2) I don't buy the story that Bill was the one serviced.

      5. Doesn't the navy have, like, minimum fitness requirements? Maybe it's the angle and lighting, but he looks like he's got a double chin MINIMUM.

      6. The Navy has fitness standards now. I think they started sometime in the mid 80's. Nill would not have met those standards.

  2. Stuck between a rock and a hard place because he is too damn stupid to see 5 feet ahead. He has two options at this point. Admit he violated the copyright theft settlement he signed and accept the consequences or declare that he didn't really write the book and have to find a way to weasel out of the DMC notice he filed against TMZ.

    Life is hard. It's much, much, much harder when you are as stupid as Stolen Valor Bill Schmalfeldt

    1. His other problem is that he's still insisting that he wrote this blog for most of its existence and he's filed copyright registration on much of the content herein. Which would all be well and good had he not sued Patrick Grady for doing it, a man who has a restraining order against him.

      Yes, DUMBFUCK, you sued, claiming under penalty of perjury, that a man who has restraining order against you did what you now insist YOU actually did. Holy shit, you're a dumb son of a bitch.

      1. My guess would be is he's been placed on notice by his new landlords, and he's trying to spin something to allow him to claim persecution.

        It won't work, unless he ends up getting committed and 3 hours and a cot.

        1. Hard to reconcile telling mgmt that the malignant monster was a victim of persecution, and name names, as it claims it did before signing the lease, to now claiming that it was the chief persecutor. Oh, yeah, that's right - delusional, demented, liar. No doubt mgmt is very well aware by now.

      2. Just to spell this out for DUMBFUCK:

        Your own LOLsuits where you sought damages against people for writing the posts you've now claimed you written are prima facie evidence that your subsequent copyright registration of that same content was fraudulent. To put it in your favored terms, you just fucked yourself in the ass, DUMBFUCK!

        Oopsie poopsie!

    2. Wicked and stupid, and drinking so much that he thinks his foolish starts are brilliant.

      Hint: before leaping headlong into your latest scheme, sober up.

    3. It is why WJJH says he did not file an DMCA take down, all he had to do was show the settlement agreement. Simple contract law, not copyright law.

  3. "You know, for a DUMBFUCK whose dick hasn’t worked for over a decade, Schmalfeldt sure does fuck itself in the ass with regularity."

    He'll probably get a butt-plug mounted on the seat of his new Rolly-Scotter, so he can get that sensation even when he is away from his computer on one of his little "walks".

    1. Schmalfeldt Tested, Schmalfeldt Approved

      1. I have friends that ride Harleys. Those guys need them to keep the woman happy IYKWIMAITYD

    2. Bill's new transportation:

  4. This needs to be repeated again and again. I put it in the last post. I may include it in EVERY post:
    Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar.

    He lied to a Federal Court about his finances in his in forma pauperis request.
    He lied to a MA District Court about his actions harassing me.
    He lied about who he sent that picture of his wife to.
    He lied about contacting people’s employers.
    He lied about contacting people’s family.
    He lied about writing the latest “book” under discussion.
    He lied about buying a scooter.
    He lied about who he consorts with.
    He lied about his medals from the Navy.
    He lied about his service in the Navy (we don’t call him the Lyin’ of Lebanon for nothing.)

    Everything he says is a lie.


    Hey I wonder if Cardinal Management has taken notice of all the times law enforcement has shown up so far to serve him with protective orders from out of state?

    Do you think their lawyers are still going to fight on behalf of Bill?

    Do you think Cindy might actually be wondering if all the stuff on Google is true?

    Is Bill on a first name basis with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office yet?

    Do you think his neighbors have filed complaints about the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from his room?

    Do you think Bill will get the fucking hint that the COMMON DENOMINATOR in these peace orders/restraining orders is his reprehensible behavior -- and that multiple courts in multiple states agree with his victims?

    Are we having FUN yet? ;D

    1. After Thanksgiving, they will be getting a packaged collection of ALL the protective orders sought and/or obtained against one William M Schmalfeldt Sr. No lies. No fabrications. Just documented proof of his abnormal, unsocial, obsessive, demented stalking and harassment. Maybe it will be coupled with copies of his statements that they will defend and protect him.

      1. I hear seven is a lucky number. Since that will be the number of peace orders/restraining orders Bill has gotten, it may be lucky for us.

        I have met people who have had restraining orders before - usually from a messy divorce. I have never met anyone who needs TWO hands to count the numbers of restraining orders they've received.

    2. What was false about it?

      She owns the photo, he used it without permission.

      Nothing false there.
      His provider adjudged it to be "fair use" which is certainly arguable, but that does not make it "false".

      As many bogus and actually false DCMA requests he's made, you'd think he'd be more familiar with the concept.

  6. Good afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

    2:10:31 PM CST. Slept off those three screwdrivers you had for breakfast?

    1. Did anyone explain to him that's a drink? And not, you know, an actual screw driver...

      1. he had to swap to a new morning drink I guess, after all Gail's Abuser hasn't been able to have a morning Bloody Mary since SGoTBU passed, IYKWIMAITYD


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