Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

11-20-2015 4-10-46 PM

Ever wonder why there are no recent pictures of StGotCU?

Because she’s dead.

But I have one of the most recent pictures.  She looks almost lifelike.



Author: Paul Krendler

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  1. Yes, I think it spelled "Gail" wrong in that tweet. No surprise, since it spelled its own name incorrectly in multiple pleadings. After how it mistreated StGotCU as she was dying, I suppose it would be more of a surprise if it ever learned to spell her name correctly.

    1. I wonder how he spoke to her - "Hey, you! I need this mailed! And bring me something to eat, on the way back."

      It's always seemed to me that his lack of respect could be limited to strangers on the internet.

      1. Well, we know how the monster spoke about her, and from what I've read, she wasn't anything more than a tool to take care of the freak, run its errands, do all of the chores because the freak was too disabled to even take the dogs out, to bring attention to the malignant monster, and to be used as a sword and shield She didn't exist outside of what service she was performing for it at that time.

        I can't stand that awful voice, so have never listened to a podcast. Those who have related nasty stories, including how it berated her 'on air' for interrupting it, and much worse.

        No surprise from someone who cared so much about her honor that the vicious freak published on the internet that their first date was an overnight. The malignant monster cared so much about her dignity, that it blogged every degrading detail of her suffering, including wetting and soiling herself.

        Her reward for all she did was total, thorough debasement by that ghoul. Because it brought attention to the malicious monster, and its diseased brain thought the total degradation of its wife made it look good, that's why. And that's all that mattered; not her honor, her dignity; just whatever would get the ghoul the attention it craves.

      2. Of course, that disability that meant she had to do literally everything including clean up the malignant monsters bowel movements doesn't slow it down much now that she's gone.

      1. Sadly, very true. There's just something incredibly depraved about a ghoulish freak who ignores or mistreats their spouse then wants to pretend it has some huge grief when the abused passes away. Of course, if that freakish ghoul is particularly foul and stupid, they tell on themself by choosing a nickname like "merrywidower" so the world can see how happy they are about the death.

        It's all about being the griefiest grieving griever evah now, and being the center of attention, in a mind that diseased, Yeah, any minute now all of those friends and family members will be showing up... just because it's been five months doesn't mean no one's coming... that it is such a putrid waste, so revolting, so transparent in its narcissism that not a single soul cares.

        The only one that did care was ignored, even after dramatic weight loss, clearly a serious symptom that was remarked upon, but blown off with, 'she did it the hard way' -- yup, clearly she did do it the hard way. Getting her medical treatment then may have prolonged her life, but no... 'I'm so proud of her... look at me! Look at ME!'

      2. Very well said Jane!! He is so socially inept that he didn't realize it was time to cut the harassment for a couple days by turning off his computer. It was a thought that I'd bet, never entered his mind. Virtually everyone takes a couple days off work to deal with the death of a spouse. Since Billy's only job in his life was battling evildoers on the right, shouldnt he have turned the electronic devices off? But we all know exactly where Bill was and what Bill was doing when the love of his life passed on. He was online reading and responding to those people he hates.

        We all know that in her final weeks Bill should have focused his attention to his sick wife. What does Bill do instead....?......record more idiotic podcasts and write those idiotic songs poking fun at his betters. Bill, what the hell is wrong with you? You didn't manage her many health problems the way you should have. You posted very private and intimate things(including photos) about your wife. Your actions robbed her of any remaining dignity she had left. That good human being, all human beings, deserve so much better than you.

        When the book is written about [REDACTED] Schmalfeldt's [REDACTED] life, it will be a [REDACTED].

        Please keep this subject off the open boards -PK

    1. Just for clarification, the above post was intended to make a play on the book title “The Mote in God's Eye” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Mayoties (Team Kimberlin) just may be a subspecies of autocoprophagous, dull-witted freaks
      originating from DumbFuck Prime.

    1. I'm going to say this twice and twice only. Once here, and once on Billy Sez.

      So, since DUMBFUCK has said that THE PICTURE doesn't bother him anymore because he gets it taken down everywhere he sees it...

      WHY IN THE HELL is THE PICTURE still up on your website, plastered all over everything? No takedown notice? No nothing?

      Imma gonna say something that I've been meaning to for a long time.

      You. Are. A. Plant.

      So, in the spirit of the family motto of one of my namesakes, I will gladly feast on those who try to devour me. You are warned.

  2. Just so I'm clear....

    Bill asserts he has a 1st Amendment right to post comments on other peoples blogs, but he also thinks it's OK to lie to Twitter to get accounts suspended for daring to speak to him.

    Is that about right? Could he be a bigger pussy? Holy shit, you'd have to be the coward of the century to hold views like that.

      1. Amazing that someone who single handled rescued a neighborhood of orphans in Beirut, armed only with a broken pocketknife could be reduced to a walking puddle of fear pee so easily.

        Sorry. ROLLY walking puddle of fear pee.


    Huh. I thought you were going to DESTROY anyone who published it, after YOU put it on the internet by sending it to a bunch of complete strangers.

    It looks like it was your brilliant plan that failed, Dumbfuck. And you completely and utterly disrespected your "soulmate" in the process, going so far as to lie that she put you up to doing it. You really are a reprehensible scumbag, Blob.

      1. We need to remember that she was careless enough to marry Willie and was then stupid enough to stay married to him. I suspect that normal people cannot assess what she might have done.

      2. I think she was trapped, by this time, And quite beaten down - but in the photo she it does not appear she could have given consent even if she wanted to. And of course he'd project whatever course he wanted to take, as hers.

        1. According to the filth that got it banned from Daily Kos, the malignant monster hears the 'no' - it just doesn't care.


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