Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

I’m not thrilled with it, though.

Let’s have a caption contest – here’s the original:

If you feel like adding your caption and reposting the photo from imgur, great!

If you just want a text caption in a comment, that’s great too!

Let’s have some FUN!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

39 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

      1. Good point. All of his sweat would be cold.

        Yet another failure by Schmalfeldt. You have to give him this: He's consistent.


        Little story, apropos of nothing. Few years ago, some people I knew got divorced. It wasn't pretty. She accused him of slapping her. DV charges ensued. He got hit with a fine of $500, and then in divorce court, was told to pay her $500.

        He apparently thought they were the same, paid the fine, left the state of Florida, vowing never to cast his shadow upon it again. .... but he owed his ex-wife $500.

        11 years later, he's a passenger in a car pulled over in New Mexico. They run his ID, hit on a warrent out of Florida.

        The Florida County sends 2 detectives driving to NM (3 days each way), to bring him back for failing to pay $500 to his ex-wife.

        He stands in front of the judge, is sentenced to time served, if he'll pay the court. (He ends up having to "borrow" the money from the ex-wife (only person he knows in town), pays the court, 4 months later, she gets a check for $395 from them, with a very crowing letter about how the DA Tracks Down The Evildoers, and see, here's her money!) The Ex-wife also has to pay ~$100 for a bus ticket back to NM for him. And $100 for food.

        So, the ex-wife who was owed $500 ends up out $700. But Florida Got Their Man. (The gas alone had to be over the $500, not even counting the salaries of the guys driving.)

        Anyway. If Florida counties are willing to do that on a 11-year old divorce beef, what do you think they're willing to do with say, a child pornographer (cause that's what the newspaper articles will say), with 6 restraining orders, harassing people from WI, and broadcasting their intent to harm in an attempt to cause more mental anguish?

        Course, Krendler would have to be in Florida, like I said, apropos of nothing..

  1. "Rebranding!"


    "NOT repeatedly adjudicated cyberstalker and harasser through multiple restraining orders from multiple states, repeatedly cuckolded, admittedly dementia addled, Bill Schmalfeldt"


    "When you look like a walking rolling penis..."

    1. "Bill Schmalfeldt believes this is a sure fire way to infiltrate the horde"

      "Those RWNJs will never know it's me!"

  2. It is definitely fitting for the Fat he's going to say he hates mayo!

  3. I see Cousin Bill is claiming someone sold out Krendler for $2K, and is claiming he's mailing a check.

    Yeah, right.

    You suck at this, Bill. Really badly.

    Why would you mail a check, when you could not have possibly verified the information given?

    Ok, you are stupid, so that might explain it...

    Better yet, assuming someone did approach you, how would you know that it's not the zombies and lickspittles gaming you, to lighten your wallet?

    Compared to some of the pranks we've played on you, setting up a "false Krendler" to sucker you would be very simple...


    1. "Better yet, assuming someone did approach you, how would you know that it’s not the zombies and lickspittles gaming you, to lighten your wallet?"

      Why did you have to tip him off before the cheque cleared?


      A couple of questions, dipshit Bill:

      What would happen if you asked, as per your statement, and the respondent says no? How does "yes" = "no answer/response"?

      What constitutes no response? A day? A week? A month?

      And if you didn't receive a response, what makes you think you asked the right person?

      What court opinion do you have in your ACME vault that states unequivocally "no answer" = yes?

      You see, these questions present a litany of legal predicaments you obviously didn't think about. What would happen if someone asked your wife if he could put his penis in her and she didn't/couldn't respond? Would that be a yes? In your rapey mind, I'm guessing that would be true?

      If you refuse to answer by 10 am ET, Monday Nov 16th, 2015, I'm going to assume that you agree that any situation where a question is asked and you get no response, that equals yes.

      1. Read his tweet. He hopes he has run afoul of the law because he thinks it will force Krendler to sue him in Krendler's own name.

        WHY he thinks it will work this time after all the times it hasn't is beyond me.

  4. The dancing today is going to be marvelous. I can just feel it!

  5. I hope whomever the freakshow is stealing from sues it for every cent of blood money it hasn't blown yet. No doubt they'll be notified, and may even be able to get pro-bono assistance. 😉

    1. He doesn't seem to understand something. He says he asked. He didn't get an answer. Does that mean he can just take?

      Wonder what his views are on women being raped by men who ask, and don't get a response. This would explain the allegations made about him..

      1. Let's be fair here. It's not like William files a DMCA takedown notice every time someone parodies his work.

        Oh. Wait.

      2. That the malignant monster dropped the lawsuit makes me think those weren't just allegations, kwim?

        The accuser is infinitely more credible. Also, given what we know of the freakshow, in particular its detailed description of anal rape at Daily Kos, and rape being a recurrent theme throughout its vile blatherings (including children!), I leaned toward believing Bill Schmalfeldt is a rapist to start with, even before Bill Schmalfeldt dropped the defamation suit over being called a rapist.

        I think a lot of people would agree that dropping the efamation suit over being called a rapist is tantamount to admitting Bill Schmalfeldt is a rapist. If it's not true, seems it would be an open and shut case, right?

        Plus, there were no fees, so why drop it unless Bill Schmalfeldt is in fact a rapist?

  6. i don't do imgur here is my caption.

    "I pissed with the big dogs, they shoved my head into this used doggie pooper bag LOL."


  8. Shocking new evidence that William is right on occasion, if only by accident!

    1. even a blind squirrel finds a nut on the occasion.

      Been busy with RL but then the Schmycle rarely changes. I see he's harassing a FAILdox and working on being hit with a new restraining order, again... but Dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck after all.


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