Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

The organ grinder is loose and ready.


But before we do, let’s look at the legal bits, shall we?

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

Hmm…too bad WordPress sided with me, huh?  That probably gave Mr. Bill a big old sad face, huh?  I’ll bet he even cried salty tears into his lowball glass.

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

That bit there looks like it could be a source of some real FUN!

I acknowledge that a copy of this infringement notice, including any contact information I provided above (address, telephone number, and email address), will be forwarded to the user who uploaded the content at issue.

And this here sounds like ol’ William is understanding and ACKNOWLEDGING that he just doxed himself….

Digital signature: William Schmalfeldt

Signed on: 2015-10-30 17:04:38

And how could it be complete without a digital signature to make the DUMBFUCKERY all legal and everything?

So let the badass monkeydance commence. I’m sure impulse control and self-discipline will lead to a different result this time.

Einstein was right.

UPDATE – Please note that while DUMBFUCK is VERY, VERY ANGRY (RAWR! RAWR! RAWR!) while monkeydancing with Doom Clock Butthurt and doxing everyone in sight on its high road/abandon the argument/provide a service path, it cannot be bothered to deny that

  1. It filed the DMCA notice in question;
  2. It wrote the book (and stole material for which it has now falsely registered a copyright); and
  3. It is as we have always known it was – a cowardly lying motherfucker (pardon my French).


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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

72 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Imma stick this right up top here for the lulz.

  1. Oh, and Bill?, you festering bag of snot; threatening others to coerce an action is the fundamental definition of terrorism. I'm not surprised, just thought I'd let you know.

    I for one still adhere to the idea that terrorists, spies and pirates deserve summary execution.

  2. Bill actually published a house pic, address and picture of me before. Feb 2015:
    He did not need @brainsrmontoya as an excuse then. He can't use them as an excuse now.

    Try to focus! We are all responsible for our own actions. Krendler is not culpable in Bill Schmalfeldt's actions. Schmalfeldt is. Always will be.

    Krendler posted your address. So publish his. Oh yeah. Forgot that. You don't know who he is.

    1. The return address on all the snail mail correspondence he sends me is:

      2345 Go Eff Yourself Dr.
      E. BF, NY 10001

        1. A bit o' trivia: I learned recently that the house at 131 Mockingbird Lane in The Munsters was also one of the houses on the street in Desperate Housewives.

          So there's that.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt, admitted adulterer, today admits that his intent to dox innocent third parties is retaliation.

    1. So Bill admitted he intends to "retaliate" by attacking uninvolved third parties. Admitting his intent to harass will make his defense much more complicated.

      Besides, DMCA requests are legal documents, public record. Bill knows that, because that was his plan for "Anonymous".

  4. BREAKING: BS once again doxes himself on Twitter.

  5. Oh! Is that like, "Bill Schmalfeldt hides behind dying and late wife, she draws fire." Like that?

    1. How is Krendler hiding behind the readership? Go home, Bill. You're drunk.

      Oh. You are home. Sorry 'bout that.


    Someone feels that he hasn't enough restraining orders already.

    This promises to be entertaining.

    1. One doesn't have to "explore" something that was LEFT PANTS DOWN, OUT IN THE OPEN, BY ITS OWNER FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

  7. Oh my God, Bill Schmalfeldt is 100% completely predictable!! He follows the same script each and every Schmycle. How can he not see that Krendler is basically controlling his every action?

    Hey Bill--It looks like CVS is having a sale on the Johnnie Walker Red 1.75L this weekend. Who says we can't all get along.

    1. If people hadn't actually SEEN this guy, I'd wonder if he actually existed and wasn't some bizarre AI experiment released into the wild.

      1. As a freeform intellectual construct, I can tell you that there are no AI experiments as incompetent as Bill.

      2. It will be decades before scientists develop Artificial Stupidity as sophisticated as Bill.

      3. Failed the Turing test. Then pooped on it. Then blogged about it with pictures. Including pics of a half bottle of JWR on the microwave, and that was _before_ the Wisconsin antifreeze season kicks in.

        (Hint, Bill... Everclear is more cost effective. And if you don't believe me I've got lots and lots of proof.)

  8. Shhhhh. Let's not try to dissuade William from doing anything. As is always the case, it'll blow up in his face and we'll enjoy the lulz. His inability to learn from past mistakes is one of my favorite things about our drunken by.

    1. Having said that, the dancing is pretty sensational this morning!

      1. This deserves a seal of approval.

        Well, unless your mind's eye substitues Bill in that pic. Then it serves a gallon of eye bleach and a spoon.

      2. I nominate you for "Best Damn Anything (Any...Thong?) of the Day".

        How the hell do I save this as a screen saver? that the Johnny Walker Shake?

      3. I believe that it should be called the Johnnie Walker Shake, in tribute to William's breakfast.

        As an aside, isn't past 11 CST yet?

  9. Oh, and Bill -- I know you're reading this -- finding some "anonymous" route to dox people won't work. You announced your intention; it's a safe presumption that any doxxing that follows is by you or under your direction.

    1. It seems to me that William spent years explaining that what Krendler put up isn't doxxing sine it came from a public document, in this case, a copyright claim for a book that he swore up and down for a week that he didn't write. It's also how e defended his legion of previous faildoxxes.

      But being a drunk and a liar meas never having to say that you're sorry.

      On the other hand, including Mr. Edgren at least appears to violate their truce, which seems unwise. As William should have already learned, a lawyer with time on his hands and claims that weren't dismissed with prejudice can be a dangerous thing.

      But, as I said earlier, this will be funny.


    It's so cute when someone who hasn't gotten it up in a decade fancies himself a top.

  11. Is William M. Schmalfeldt Sr. claiming that his personal information, such as his address and phone number, have been exposed by being published here? I suppose he forgot that he included this information, of his own free will and forethought, in a document (email) he submitted to the Ayer District Court on Sept. 26, 2015, almost seven weeks ago. Such a submission for a court hearing becomes a public document, unless the court rules otherwise. It has not done so, so this information was put into the public domain by Bill himself.

    And that's nothing like when he published MY personal information on his blog "The Lakeside Inquisitor" in September of 2015, right?

    1. William's several neurological disorders (syphilis and alcoholism count, right?) seem to have impaired his memory.

      And I would venture a guess that this isn't going to end the way a DUMBFUCK thinks it will. It rarely does.

      1. To be fair, I wouldn't say he has syphilis, as that could be considered actionable (if you didn't live offshore, so have at it, I guess!).

        I think we could call him syphilitic, in, one who exhibits qualities and behaviors associated with persons afflicted with syphilis.

        I also understand he has never objected to being called a "catchfart."

        So calling him a "syphilitic catchfart," (a very Shakespearean insult, if I may venture an opinion) would also be perfectly okay. Because res judicata.

    1. I thought he was moving on from a this. Perhaps he meant he'd be taking a movement, then returning to all this?

    2. His nattering about Idema et all is peculiar. Bill Schmalfeldt has no interest in Lynn Thomas besides the grudge formed by Brett Kimberlin. I remember Ron Brynaert wouldn't shut up about her for some reason back in the day. Rauhauser thought Penny Alesi useful for some reason, despite knowing that she wasn't really mentally healthy.

      I'm guessing Rauhauser lost money somewhere.

  12. Just for the record: William M Schmalfeldt Sr. has publicly stated: "If Krendler doesn't remove stuff, I will cause injury to others." This is coercion, plain and simple.

    1. Possibly extortion, which is something that could be passed along to the victims of William's latest drunken tantrums.

      I seem to remember reading that Wisconsin had rather strict laws against that sort of thing. Perhaps his property managers need to be made aware of it, complete with copies of his Twitter feed and blog posts.

    2. He intends to inflict emotional distress and harm to others because he screwed up. The record is clear he self-doxxed. Any criminal investigation would reveal this.

      1. As it tried to paint its monstrous self a victim, and tried to make excuses for the actions it was determined to take, it RE-published the info, RE-doxxing itself. The depths of stupidity required to not have any inkling of how incredibly, unbelievably stupid it is, thoroughly boggles the rational mind. So stupid, no matter how many times the metaphorical grenade blows up in its revolting face, it will grab another from the same box and pull the pin; giggling madly, "This time it will hurt [someone else]!!"

      2. William, being a drunk and a syphilitic retard, thought the DMCA complaint would be an ideal way for Krendler to out himself and get sued by a DUMBFUCK (although how he'd get around the formidable obstacle of res judicata remains to be seen.) When that, as even a toddler could have predicted, didn't happen, William lashed out in a doxxing frenzy of monstrous stupidity and things are now moving on a momentum of their own. .

        How many times have we already seen this happen?

        I'm only sad that John, Marilynn and the Bobber aren't alive to see this. Gail was already painfully aware that she married the HMS Titanic of personal failure and instinctively understood that organ failure was the only practical means of escape. .

        No wonder the sister has to down half a fifth of scotch just to be in the same room as him.

  13. So, Bill has reached the final stage of a project: The punishment of the innocent, the exoneration of the guilty, and the scapegoating of the uninvolved.

  14. I saw a guy get a necktie stuck in a paper shredder, only went in an inch, and it was hilarious.

    Even funnier to watch as Schmalfeldt intentionally dips his willy all the way into a shredder (still only an inch though.)

  15. Just think of all the "drink tickets" John Schmalfeldt had to sell to raise a mewling, whimpering whelp like William.

    Then smile.

  16. Witless Willie just knows that all the regular commenters here are fully aware of Krendler's identity. (After all, even Blithering Bill knows that it is REDACTED.)

    Whimpering Will is known for scrupulously fulfilling his side of a deal so everyone here should have had confidence that giving up Krendler's identity would have been both profitable and confidential (except for having to show up for depositions and court appearances at our own expense).

    And yet not one of us accepted Broke Bill's promised reward for identifying Krendler. That makes us all complicit in everything that Krendler has ever said so we all DESERVE whatever trouble Blustering Billy can dream up. We had our chance, and we blew it.

    If you people would just FOCUS, even you could see the logic here. Each of us had a chance to slather salve all over Bill's aching, flabby, fat ass, but instead left him writhing there in butthurt and whatever other fluids and detritus adorn the floor of his mancave.

  17. Bill is incredibly lucky that the horde are (by and large) law-abiding people. He is counting on that. What he fails to realize is that at some point, even law-abiding people get pushed too far. And when law-abiding folk decide to hoist the proverbial black flag things can get very, very ugly, very, very fast for the object of their annoyance.


    I wonder how William manage to fit a bottle and a handgun in mouth at the same time.

    1. First of all, whatever someone asked you to do, we know that you will do whatever worthless thing comes into the few firing neurons that you call a brain.

      Second, we understand, even if it is totally beyond your comprehension, that people who have any knowledge of you feel perfectly free to lie to you because you are both gullible and unworthy of the truth.

      Third, you are stupid enough that people of even average intelligence can say things that you will inevitably misconstrue. For example, I can say that I never saw your wife on her knees sucking cock in the men's room of a Maryland truck stop, and you will conclude that that such a statement is personal testimony that your wife was not a whore. Wrong. I may be lying; indeed I may never have even been in a truck stop in Maryland. Even if truthful, such a statement is limited in space and says nothing about truck stops in the other 56 states. It is also limited in scope in at least two ways. I can only check one truck stop at a time, even in Maryland. And who is to say that, being married to you, she didn't exclusively do anal? You have no clue what I believe to be the truth of your deceased wife's sources of income, of her sexual proclivities and exploits with third parties (if any), or of your disappointment (if any) in no longer receiving the fruits of her professional activities.


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