Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

There may be just one creature on Earth to whom it is not completely obvious: the DUMBFUCK is begging – BEGGING – for someone to travel to Milwaukee and end its misery and loneliness.

But we all know that’s just not going to happen.  Thanks to the generous LULZ to dollars exchange rate, DUMBFUCK is worth far more alive than dead.

If DUMBFUCK wants to deal us harm, joining his beloved would seem the most efficient means to that end.

Until then…

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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

58 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. No price can be put on his entertainment value. I've been getting endless free lulz out of the Diminished Capacity Kid for well over three years now.

    Were William even halfway smart, he's charge a cover to watch his antics, but he needs the attention more than even knows.

    1. Clearly!

      The admittedly dementia addled Bill Schmalfeldt in other bids begging for attention-through-pity has told us its own offspring want nothing to do with the malignant monster; that its been "fired" from promoting a charity; that its been repeatedly cuckolded; and so much more information that would humiliate a sane person.

      Bill Schmalfeldt has also been slapped with multiple restraining orders from multiple states, effectively adjudicating Bill Schmalfeldt a cyber stalker/harasser. None of this has caused the slightest bit of introspection, or the slightest change in the behavior that continues to blow up in its face, in the most spectacular and hilarious ways.

      On top of all of that, from what I've read over the last day or so it appears that a nearly bankrupt company, Pacifica, obviously desperate for money, has possibly decided that it's not quite desperate enough to accept money from Bill Schmalfeldt, if that means having its "brand" linked to Bill Schmalfeldt's ever changing one.

      We're the pretty much the only people on the planet that will give the raving freak any attention at all. Even when monthly pay is offered!

      If it weren't for us, it would be all alone with its constant failures; the smell of the local dump wafting through the air as the reward for a life spent repulsing virtually all who've ever had the misfortune of becoming aware of its miserable existence.

      It would be a sad and pitiful circumstance if it wasn't so deliberately and continuously cultivated; and if it weren't so very, very FUN!

      1. He has the sads because it's finally dawning on him that no one will be there to take pictures as he draws his last breath.

        Well, I guess he could always hire a whore to do it for him.

      2. Japan's trans-sexual prostitute and camera industries converge at last.

  2. Hey Eric! And gmhowell, for that matter. How are you guys handling your arrests? Have they scheduled your trials yet?

    1. Bill,

      Why did you delete the "articles" about your police complaint - I'll be a DA, a Judge and a Sheriff in West Tennessee's bible belt are going to jail me for pointing out your child rape fantasy porn stories........

      Like I said I have the option to file charges and go to court to force them to act

      Let me know when you want this to happen


    Ever wonder what delirium tremens looks like when you give it a Twitter account?

  4. My favorite is when he pulls random names seemingly out of thin air and begins his threats. It's really the most precious thing imaginable.

    Don't stop being you, Shakey. Don't ever stop.


    I expect the conversation to be much more along the lines of "Dianna, how does someone living in a Milwaukee welfare hostel manage to stay that drunk all the time?"

    1. Oh, I think the most interesting angle will be how someone repeatedly slapped with restraining orders from multiple states; repeatedly banned from twitter resulting in over 130 accounts/handles; repeatedly banned from various other websites including the Daily KOS; etc., etc., is still allowed access to the internet.

      In fact, the repeat offender was also repeatedly warned by its doctor that it was literally killing itself!

      When will the authorities protect this dementia-addled menace from itself?

      1. Well, if William had only stuck with his multiple "YOU'RE KILLING ME! PARKINSON'S! ELEVENTY!" lulzsuits, his medical records wouldhave been introduced.

        But he ran away, so I assume that he was lying about that.

      2. Remember Neal, he also attempted to plead soft in the head. Now THAT might have been believed.

      3. Oh, it was so much better than that.

        He tried pleading diminished capacity without understanding what that meant or entailed!

        That's one of the most spectacularly stupid things he's ever done Better still, he never mentioned feeling even slightly embarrassed about looking that dumb in front of a judge.


    Will there be a draining of a liter and a half of jizz first? I hear that's a thing these days.

    1. As a student of history, I can tell you that Hitler only kept around a higher quality of pervert than William.

      If there's an analogous figure to Schmalfeldt in the Third Reich, it's Ernst Röhm, and he got whacked early on.

      Spoiler. Röhm fucked boys, too.

      1. Off of the top of my head if I recall correctly Röhm was the "Sturmabteilung" Brown Shirt.

      2. Indeed he was.

        And like William, he enjoyed parading his defective little crank for the masses.

        The only difference is that Röhm was allowed with 1,000 feet of a school.

  7. I'm so happy we've decided PhotShopping people is the way to go, Shakey.

    I have a certain death bed photo and one of the same subject with really haggard, floppy titties standing in sweat pants and a bra (more of a sling, really).

    These will be very popular. I hope you fnd them, Schmalfeldt.

    1. If I ever come into possession of that "death-bed" photo, I may have to do something with it.

      How can I have filed it as evidence in two different court cases if I have not been in possession of it, you ask? Easy. A simple review of the evidence will show that both times it was submitted, it was a printout directly from my wife's corporate inbox, at my request, and she gave me the hard copy. I have never demonstrated possession of that photo. A serial adjudicated harasser and failed litigant may wish to keep that in mind.

      1. I can give you a copy apart from the email, if you'd like. The full page, original is much more detailed and lulzy than the one you included with your exhibits.

  8. "Why are you exposing our charity foundation to legal liability?"

    From whom? For what? His understanding of legal issues is almost as bad as his understanding of how to be a loving husband.

    1. To hear William tell it, if you've never had semi-nude, pre-spolied-weenie-juice-drainage photos taken of you and published online, you just haven't been loved.

      And since copyright is no longer a thing, look for my new book "Decline and Fall of a Truckstop Dolly". Christmas is coming and it's the perfect stocking stuffer!

      1. That whole debacle has to be in the top 10 disgusting things the demented cyberstalker, Bill Schmalfeldt, has done on the internet. That the malignant monster claimed it loved her while doing everything it could to humiliate her almost as much as it humiliates itself just makes it worse. Every woman wants the world to know she wet herself up to her armpits; soiled herself; etc., etc., ad nauseum, in mortifying detail; that's why she always gave permission, right?

        If the freak had gotten medical attention for her when the horde noted photos the St. Francis fungus posted clearly showed her serious condition months before she deteriorated beyond even its ability to ignore her - well... we'll never know, will we? There was re-branding to do! Podcasts to thoroughly muck up! Unread blog posts to write! Ridiculous lawfare to abandon!

        And maybe most importantly, all of the deleting that had to be done. That voluminous internet output doesn't memory-hole itself, you know!

        1. Well, William just knew that he was smarter than the rest of us. Now he's a widower. Happens to the best of us. No, wait. It actually doesn't.

          I just hope that he didn't ask the hospital staff if he could take the liter and a half jug of Gail goo home so he could sniff it. That would have been humiliating for everyone. Even more so if he drew three x's across the label and started blowing into the neck as he dreamed of starting a jug band once his soul mate wasn't around to stop him.

          But, deep down, I think everyone knows that he did.

      2. Of course!

        I'm also expecting a "book" to further humiliate her, as if being married to that monster wasn't embarrassing enough. Anyone want to bet the "book" will include selfies of a grinning freakshow with its dying spouse; and selfies with totally creeped out nurses?

        I've known teenaged models who weren't nearly as enamored with their own image; and toddlers with much better understanding of boundaries.

      3. There was re-branding to do! Podcasts to thoroughly muck up! Unread blog posts to write! Ridiculous lawfare to abandon!

        You know, that's the amazing thing, Jane. So much demented energy was poured into his obsessions, producing so much content of various forms that is now virtually all gone. It's as if he wrote the Great American Dumfuck sidewalk chalk on a parking lot. Except that the internet never forgets.

        What a dumbfuck.

        1. ...just before the thunderstorm that had been predicted for days... GMTA, HZIC. haha

          I think the freakshow doesn't understand why its output is so very wrong, so it continues with the grotesque and depraved attempts at creating content. Then a unique addition to its autonomic nervous system kicks in and causes the malignant monster to delete it all.

          Well, that and the fear pee.

  9. Aw, I haz a sad.

    Hey, DUMBFUCK! You can't block me and you're going to come over here and read every word I write, soooooooooo......

    1. Yeah. Internet Tough Guy -- The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt -- blocked me first thing this morning simply over me RTing a tweet. Well, he blocked the account I RTed from.

      For all of his "come and get me" bluster, he sure tucks tail and hides pretty quickly. Pansy.

      It appears to me he's afraid of a girl. LOL!

      1. Well, yes. He fits the classic stereotype of a bully, with the added bonus of being utterly flummoxed and prone to bad decisions when faced with any level of resistance.

        He can juggle things around in his dented skull to an extent to hide from his own failures, but he can't run from when people start to push back. And a number of people have pushed back hard.

  10. Wondering if any of these people know that one of the properties they manage has child porn broadcasting from its premises?

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  11. Wishful Thinking!

    Sec. 51.20(1), Wis. Stats - Three required criteria must be met to civilly commit an individual.

    1.mentally ill, drug or alcohol dependent or developmentally
    disabled; and
    2. “a proper subject for treatment”; and
    3. dangerous.

    I wonder how far restraining orders in multiple states, child pornography, and a well documented history of Internet threats etc. would go in proving number 3? But I am not a lawyer just doing some wishful thinking. Certain "DumbFucks" should appreciate the jest on their behalf.

    1. Our boy meets all three of the first criteria; "mentally ill, drug or alcohol dependent or developmentally disabled."

      1. As for the second criteria, i know that Howard has been suggesting a CURE for years now.

        There. All three are filled!

        You're welcome!

      2. Dangerous to spouses at least.

        By the by, has anyone heard Shiloh bark lately? The dashed beast seems to be quiet of late.

        1. Shiloh & Raven were left behind in Maryland. Bill figured out that his life would be nothing but podcasting, blogging, Twitter and dog-wrangling, so he ditched the animals, of course.

          I think they made excellent Korean short ribs.

      3. No surprise there - we all read in excruciating, mortifying, detail how it treated, "the love of its life" during her last days; including being too busy on the internet to be with her for her last moments.

        And then, thinking it was painting a sympathetic picture instead of showing itself the demented ghoul it is, feigned anger at an imaginary commenter! As if 1) anyone would contact it, even if that wasn't setting oneself up for doxxing; and 2) it had no choice but to leave her to interact with a stranger on the internet.

        No sane person could believe the freakshow exists if they hadn't seen it all in real time.

      4. I try not to think about the dogs too much. I'm on my third, the first two having lived long, spoiled-silly, comfortable lives before heading off to the rainbow bridge. I invariably offer sympathy to anyone who loses a pet, even cat owners.

        The thought of Cabin Boy's neglect extending to his dogs fills me with inchoate, cold fury. It is probably for the best that he and I are separated by considerable geographic distance, as my opinion of animal abusers is very low, and I do have a certain vivid creativity coupled with my anger.


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