Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

So, I guess Twitter and WordPress have similar opinions as to what constitutes Fair Use.

And now, I know exactly who wrote Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll, and filed a fraudulent copyright application.

And so does everyone else from whom that author stole material.

Because when he filed his unsuccessful DMCA complaint, he identified himself as both author and copyright holder.

What do we call someone that stupid?

DUMBFUCK just doesn’t seem sufficient any longer.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

30 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Let's be fair and give William credit for being such a consistent liar while drunk all the time. Ordinarily, booze allows the truth out, but not in our boy.

    He'll always have that.

    1. You have to wonder. Was that terribly bad acting on Wee Willie's part or is he truly so fucking stupid as to believe that Blob just happened across that epic pile of fail?

      Mega super bonus dumbass points for the "This work of fiction is totally true!" idiocy.

      1. Have you ever seen a cat run into a window? Immediately after they make contact, they bounce back and look at you as if to say, "I meant to do that" and then pretends that the whole thing never happened.

        Basically, William is cat, just not as smart or agile.

      2. Anyone who has ever witnessed Blob in action knows that he would never just "stumble" across something like that book. Or that a "tipster" would give him the info. Especially after he broadcasted his intentions for well over a week on twitterz.

        But yeah, Wee Willie gets extra dumbass points for his sycophant chanting.

  2. Stealing content from at least three different writers... not even having the decency to even attempt parody.... filing fraudulent DMCA takedowns....

    Gosh. It's almost like he wants to get beaten up on the 'net.

    But that's our DUMBFUCK. Never change, DUMBFUCK!

    But you are right, Krendler. This is showing that he doesn't even rank the title of DUMBFUCK. It's too nice and gives him too much credit. This is going to take some thought for sure.

  3. Wait, wait, wait, wait, just wait. Bill swore he had NOTHING TO DO with the book. He swore that HE DID NOT WRITE IT.

    Are you telling me that sweet little stupid William LIED? Did he really file a DMCA take down notice that says he is the author and copyright holder? I find that hard to believe given that William Schmalfeldt has said on numerous tweets and blog comments that he has no clue who wrote the book that plagiarizes this website and others.

    But, just for the sake of argument, let's say that Bill really did copy/paste the book by stealing content from this website, Hogewash, and Billy Sez. Wouldn't that mean that he filed a false copyright application? Wouldn't that also mean that he, under penalty of perjury, filed a false DMCA take down notice? Wouldn't that also mean that he violated the settlement he agreed to with Hoge the last time he stole material from Hogewash?

    Could even Bill Schmalfeldt internet troll and pedo worshiper be that stupid? Do his "friends" know he's been lying to them? Are they that stupid too?

    I'm going to need a few hours to ponder the magnitude of the stupidity that would cause Bill Schmalfeldt, child porn author, to do something like this. I can't believe that even he would be this mind crushingly dumb.

    1. To be fair, the post of mine he stole wasn't on Billy Sez. It was written here. I was all, "WTF? I never signed in under Krendler's name? Oh waaaait! I'm not listed as post author! Bwahahahahahaaa!"

      So, not only did he steal my post, he didn't put me down as the post author. Nor did he transform it. Trifecta of DUMBFUCKness. Add to that that yes, I believe he violated the settlement agreement with Hoge. More blatantly than ever. But that's par for the course for him it seems.

      He is consistent, I will give him that. But that pit of DUMBFUCKedness keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper...

    2. This is not “Parody”. This is theft. DO SOMETHING.


      1. "I am an authority on theft, so I know it when I see it. I haven't just stolen blog posts, I've also stolen valor, goddamnit! DO SOMETHING!"

      2. Neal N. Bob wins my Schmalfeldt Toilet Seal of Approval

      3. An award I won honestly and can wear with pride. I bet William wished he had one of those.

    3. I never said Bill Schmaldeldt wrote that book.

      I just said I know who did. And so does everyone from whom that person stole.

      If Bill Schmalfeldt says he didn't write the book, it's really up to each one of us to judge the veracity of that assertion against his previous record of truth telling.

  4. He lied profusely in his federal and state legal complaints. He forged a sick review in my name and he harassed over a dozen people in several states relentlessly. He wrote a letter then fraudulently claimed it was a forgery and he said he filed a false criminal complaint against me in Henry County and I have a period of two years to press charges

    In other news, Lee Stanahan has 150,000 people reading his daily work on and is earning a comfortable salary. Lee is perhaps going to be a regular on the SiruisXM network as a talk show guest and contributor...

  5. DUMBERFUCK seems to fit the Bill. Some will say that it should be DUMBESTFUCK, but that would clearly be wrong. DUMBERFUCK has never sued for being called a pedophile and then lost at trial without the defendants even having to present their case. DUMBERFUCK has had the good sense to dismiss with prejudice his own suits long before that level of embarrassment.
    DUMBERFUCK has never to my knowledge, first been sentenced to long term in prison and then, after release on parole, had his parole revoked.

    We may believe that DUMBERFUCK cannot be surpassed in stupidity, but he really is a genius compared to those with whom he is excellent friends.

    What I don't understand is why he does not embrace the accusation that he is a lush. If he did he could claim that some of his more moronic stunts did not reflect his true intelligence. Oh wait. I DO understand it. He is DUMBERFUCK.

  6. Think vosf and bunnyboy will ever believe the liar again? Or were they stupid enough to go along with any scheme cooked up by such a prolific and public FAILURE, especially one this obvious and ridiculous?

    1. What makes you think they weren't fully vested in the plan?

      It's a cunning plan. Would outwit any mediocre 5th grader. Let's roll with it!

  7. What do we call someone that stupid?

    DUMBFUCK just doesn’t seem sufficient any longer.

    Before you change that... can we please please please please reveal what that decodes? (Not the actual decoding, of course.....)

    He'll never find that breadcrumb trail if you change it now and it doesn't eventually cross his mind that you're being awfully CONSISTENT with that and maybe, just maybe there's a REASON.....

  8. Maybe DUMMFUKK would be better. No point in spelling his name right of he's not going to do it.

  9. OK, lemme see if I got this straight. Trying to follow the plot around here is getting more and more difficult.

    PK posts a parody of something from The Book and BS files a DMCA takedown notice naming hisself as the author and copyright holder of the book; is that it at least as far as part 1 goes?

    Then PK obligingly takes down the post in question until WordPress agrees that it's a fair-use parody and not copyright infringement; is that it for part 2?

    There really oughta be a concordance or something for the folks who are on the outside looking in here or who are seeing all of this from one side only--I don't use Twitter and I don't look for BS's stuff first-hand.

    1. Close.

      I parodied a bit that was about 80% of the original material from the whole book.

      Bill filed a DMCA complaint which WordPress denied as within Fair Use. Thinking Bill might not have known the outcome, I temporarily moved the post to Draft status, hoping he would crow. No joy, so I restored it.

      In short, DUMBFUCK is DESPERATE for Krendler to come out and sue him, even though he's judgment proof, so he can counterclaim for defamation. In the complaint to WordPress he admitted through his tears of butthurt that he can't find me!

      And he never will. But while his attention is on me, the magician is working the trick over there.


      He will entertain me with his monkey dancing forever.


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