18 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Hey Bill, still here so why did you again delete your last blog? So Cindy and the Board couldn't see it? Why? did you do something you knew was wrong? Were you a Dirty dirty Schnitz?

    Does Cindy now monitor your twit feed and blog

    Or someone from legal?

    1. He's edited Cindy's name out of all of yesterday's tweets, so somebody seems to have had a talk with William.

      By the way,


  2. Would some kind soul please answer a few questions for me?

    What tort or torts is Witless Willie alleging have been committed that involve the facility in which he currently festers? Has the tortfeasor or tortfeasors been identified by Wily Willie's Wondrous Detective Agency yet? Who is the victim of these alleged torts?

    And which of those torts are also crimes for which someone can be charged?

    1. I can't wait until Cindy, the board and the legal department all experience the glory of the Feldchart!

    2. Someone named "Honey Cakes", evidently a desperate character. With reality isuues.

      According to a post by happy its wife is dead The Merry Widower, anyway.

      I can't think who he might have been referring to.

  3. He has 12 followers. They are 10 votes. We know he voted at least once. Removing his vote, that would for 0 for facing charges, 9 he gets thrown out, and 3 abstentions.

    Bill - your followers have spoken. Take the cure before you become homeless.


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