God And Whining Children at Yale

“Excuse me, students. I’d like to make a statement.

“Given the current campus environment concerning social/racial/gender/what have you sensitivity towards any and all forms of ‘microaggression,’ whatever the hell you think that is, I think it’s fair to warn you that the following should be considered a ‘macroaggression’ and if you don’t want to be offended you should start running right now as fast as you can away from this place.

“Fuck you all, you whining titty-babies. The world does not care about your feelings. The world is not a safe space. If you want a safe space, go to your little dorm room, close the door, lock it, and pull the shades closed very tightly. Put on your Beats by Dre headphones and crank your socially acceptable music at the highest possible volume to drown out any possibility of offensive noises.

“Stop attending any classes where you fear the possibility of being exposed to facts, theories or opinions that challenge your own. Your parents have already paid the tuition; we don’t care if you show up or not. We will flunk your entitled ass right out of here and put another paying customer in your place. You should see how long the waiting list is.

“We don’t care about you.

“We used to mold adults here. For the last several years we have, in the name of tolerance and political correctness, allowed our mission to be diverted from that path and instead we now perpetuate childhood. That ends today.

“If you are unhappy with this development, I’m sure there are many universities who will happily take your parents’ funds and continue to bottle feed you and change your didies. We’re done with that. Cry all you want. The candy bowl is empty.

“Fuck off, and have a nice day.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

25 thoughts on “God And Whining Children at Yale”

  1. Unfortunately, the professors are the ones that encourage this behavior so I hold no hope of a school actually standing up to the special snowflakes.

    1. True - deservedly reaping what they've sown. The bright spot is that they won't ever be satisfied and won't ever give up. More radicals who created this mess will lose even tenured positions to the mob, and it will continue until it's stopped by a reverse swing of the pendulum.

    2. Don't forget the parents - "How dare you expect my child to face facts? How do you think that will make him feel? I will take my child and my money elsewhere!"

  2. The mob just collected their scalps at Missouri. Inmates running the asylum there now. Anyone contemplating attendance there should run, not walk, the hell away.

    1. the thing is, they're not inmates...they're customers, getting the service they demand. That they have no idea they're choosing to buy garbage over gold notwithstanding.

        1. You know, in our ubiquitous cellphone camera culture, I would have expected to see at least one photograph of the poop swastika by now (and can DUMBFUCK account for his whereabouts? Just asking). It's also interesting that Shaun King has a photograph of a Facebook post describing white people in pickup trucks terrorizing protestors, but why can't he find a really impressive video of it to post a screen shot of?

      1. Not only is there no picture of it, there is no witness who claims to have seen it. 3 of the 4 "incidents" have no evidence whatsoever that they ever happened. The 4th, one drunk using the N word, finds the perp in the process and possibly looking at expulsion. Once again, Progressive America's newest outrage is 100% lie.

  3. While that would be a refreshing thing to hear some college administrator say, it is not going to happen. We, as a civilization, are doomed, because the special snowflakes have assumed power. We will be overrun by nations and groups, and will not survive, because these identity politics SJWs will not be able to put up a resistance.

    If you can make ammo, liquor, or food, you will be a power-broker in the ensuing chaos.

      1. So you're saying I should take another look at the saltpeter cave I saw listed for sale?

      2. Actually, Rob; It will be much more like the American revolution. Those who most wish to protect liberty will become outlaws. It will be necessary to "liberate" the tools of freedom from the oppressive tyranny.

        While a significant percentage of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are patriotic and would side with liberty; there are an unfortunately large portion that like their billets above all else and will stand against Americans.

        Land wars are fought with tanks and cannons as much as men and mortars. They've already secured the upper hand.

        Dammit AD, I could have gone all day without wandering down this bleak path.

      1. I once made one that was so dark when I poured bleach into the carboy to clean it, it stayed black.

    1. They have assumed power there - but the big bad world after graduation won't give a wet shit about their feelings or self-esteem.

      You don't see STEM majors wasting their time in such pursuits.

      If only there were a way to keep the crybabies from voting....

  4. "If you have any questions or comments, direct them to that brick wall..."
    *walks away whistling...*

    The best part about Mizzou and Yale, is that hiring manager's everywhere just got a nice new way to review people's resumes for douchbaggery...
    "Oh, I see you went to Mizzou for your Undergrad and Yale for your post-grad work...thanks for applying, we're all stocked u0p on Crazy here...try down the road a bit..."

  5. The students are simultaneously being victimized, and are able to force out administrators at will. They are powerless against the patriarchy and white privilege, but can cut your career short if you cross them. You need to create a safe place for their emotions, or they will mark you as their next kill. Their brave new utopia has rules! You WILL conform, in the name of freedom for all.


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