10 thoughts on “Current News”

  1. Hey Billy!

    Now you jes' drop 'em pants.....right dar......that's it, jes kick 'em off....

    Now go on and bend over and grab that log...

    Hoosier Daddy, Hoosier Daddy, Hoosier Daddy?

    Squeal, Billy, squeal.

  2. Y'know, Paul; what with all the space and the sky-lights, you could sub-divide and sub-let.

    I've always wondered, though; do the anguished cries of derangement keep you up at night, or does being undead render that moot?

  3. I thought something had to be 'new' or in some way an unusual event for it to be news. But to follow the theme: in other news, water is wet, Earth continues to orbit the Sun, and Bill Schmalfeldt is a stupid pus-dripping boil on the collective ass of Wisconsin.

    1. Now, now you know he is not a boil on the ass of Wisconsin, he is a tapeworm hanging out of the ass of Wisconsin.



    Also 726 days left to decide to press criminal charges for filing a false criminal complaint

    Also my state picks up trash

    Additionally don't be afraid to report abusive content to the Wisconsin State Police and the Cardinal Management Corporation who manages the Juniper Court Apt complex


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