14 thoughts on “Another Strangely Quiet Day”

  1. Oh, I think William's done with the publishing industry for quite some time. It never seems to bring the results he desires.

    So, LULZSUIT!11! it shall be

    I do hope he spells his own name correctly in this one.

    1. No, he's probably just editing out the stuff he has to from his last book so that he can republish it. That will make the original version worth 10 times the zero value of the new one on the collectors market.

      1. Let's be fair, Jane. He did spell his own last name correctly in three of his five lulzsuits, and that's well over half the time!

        On the other hand, it also means that I have a higher accuracy rate in spelling "Schmalfeldt" that Schmalfeldt himself, but there's really no limit on the ways that I'm awesome.

        Perhaps we could have a spelling bee between William and Roy. That should settle things once and for all.

      2. No contest.

        I advanced to the regionals in the spelling bees, each year I competed. Eventually, I was too busy building rockets, competing in shooting contests, etc., and lost interest in spelling bees.

        In college, I was tested to have an estimated vocabulary of greater than 130,000 words, about 4x that of your average American of the day.

        I read technical material at over 2500 words a minute, with 100% comprehension. I can hit twice that rate on non-technical reading, with 95% comprehension.

        When given a page of text, misspelled words jump out at me as if they were highlighted, as do most grammar mistakes.

        The lowest I ever scored on any IQ test was 180, and on most of them, I was off the top of the scale.

        In school, I daydreamed in class, only brought to attention when the teacher would make a mistake, which I would politely correct, with citation to text, page, and paragraph.

        I never took more than half the allotted time on any graded test, including the SAT, the ACT, and the GRE, all of which I got perfect scores on.

        Spelling bee with Cousin Bill?

        No contest.

  2. Wait! I have to pick only one? There should be the obligatory "embrace the power of AND" option on the poll. Mr. Krendler, you're slipping. Of course, the river of fear pee from Mr. Bill does tend to cause treacherous footing.

  3. It's quiet. Too quiet.



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