Deep Question

Is it worth the effort to explain to a DUMBFUCK that jokes about it are simple, easy to remember and aimed at brain-dead toddlers so that a DUMBFUCK CAN UNDERSTAND THEM?

I have made much more intelligent jokes in the past, but DUMBFUCK always responds with “I don’t get it.”

That’s not FUN. Plus, I’m sure the DUMBFUCK wouldn’t understand the explanation either. But the Horde will appreciate the irony that a DUMBFUCK cannot.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Deep Question”

  1. What thanksgiving would be complete without a faildox?

    Hey, maybe the ghost of truck-stops past was trying to visit the diaper repository today.


    Always remember, kids. Drink in moderation. No one should be tweeting like this at 60.

      1. He *thinks* that he's imitating what we find so hilarious. But this *is* DUMBFUCK that we are talking about after all. So of course it's completely off base.

        Higher cognition seems to be easy for zombies, not so easy for DUMBFUCKs.

  3. You didn't even make one of those jokes but that makes no nevemind to Stolen Valor Bill Schmalfeldt because he's gonna git ya! Boy howdy! This time he's certain that nothing can go wrong.


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