18 thoughts on “Wouldn't A Mirror Be Cheaper?”

  1. Bless his heart, Willy's trying to be edgy by going after Jeb.

    He should try punditry: "How 'bout that Hitler? What a bad guy, huh?"

  2. "Pontificate to the unenlightened."

    Lord, give me strength. The general run of the population has better educational credentials than it does. There is nothing to indicate that it has an intelligence as high as the population's norm. And its abject failure at life indicates that its at best mediocre intelligence is further impaired by a lack of social awareness perhaps unprecedented in modern annals.

    More often than not its wives have dumped it; its children generally want nothing to do with it; its ideological confreres have exiled it; its ventures in publishing have generated sales in laughably low numbers, and its ludicrously inept legal attempts to vindicate its alleged good name have uniformly resulted in defeat. It perhaps might be able to enlighten a retarded drug addict living in a dumpster, but I personally would not bet a dime on its ability to do even that.


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