Well, Shucks, DUMBFUCK!

10-6-2015 10-33-59 AM

It’s nothing more than any investigative journalist worth his salt would have done.  It’s such a baby!


Author: Paul Krendler

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23 thoughts on “Well, Shucks, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Who would do such an awful thing? Who would accuse a man and his wife of lying about the death of their child, and then, without any proof, accuse them of allowing it to die through neglect? Really, what kind of depraved, immoral, perverted monster of a person would do such a thing to a man he'd never met, a man who had never harmed him?

      1. As if the fetal monitor is the end-all, be-all of prenatal medicine. *snort*

        Hey, didja know that when trying to get twins' heartbeats on fetal monitors that very often you will actually get a reflection of the first twin's heartbeat instead of the second twin's? 'Tis the truth. I have the fetal monitor printout tape to prove it.

  2. one difference... Stinky specifically tweeted to the Stranahan's horrible stuff about the death of their child

    NO ONE sent Stinky a damn thing directly about the death of his wife, he had to go hunting for everything he claims butt-hurt over.

  3. The real crime, though?

    They actually get away with selling butt-ugly clock urns to gullible hayseeds from the Midwest...and it is not a crime!

    How can that be? Is there no justice? Was Nietzsche right - is God dead?

  4. Other things Cousin Bill has done, that were not done to him, first in a series:

    1. Nobody ever called or emailed his wife.

    2. Nobody ever called or emailed his employer/boss.

    3. Nobody ever published sealed court documents concerning a case in which he was involved.

    Feel free to continue...

    1. In fairness, there have been comments, at least, about plans to call or email the staff at his current domicile. Turnabout is fair play? Sauce for the goose? Yanking his chain to watch the monkey dance? Or a bridge too far?

      1. He can get the name right on Twitter, but fucks it up in his statement to the court. You can't get much more DUMBFUCK than that.

        Does Bill realize that if the business (corporation) does get involved for some reason, they, by law, must hire a lawyer? So reclaiming legal fees become a real possibility at that point. None of this pro se stuff - a real lawyer, at real lawyer rates.

  5. I saw a post over on Billy Sez containing screenshots of BS "consoling" Lee over the breakup of our marriage.

    100% untrue. I think he was stalking Lee again and saw he was out of town. The conclusion he lept to is very odd considering he is well aware Lee has been out of town many times.


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