The Difference Between Past and Present


10-14-2015 4-29-07 PM

I can’t speak for any dirty cowboys, but I can speak for myself (I know the difference) and perhaps I can offer an educated guess as to the DUMBFUCK…

This, for example, is THE PAST:

I want it all Doug

And this, on the other hand, is the PRESENT (borrowed from ukeleledave):

10-14-2015 4-24-24 PM

So I can tell a difference between the past and the present.

DUMBFUCK? Not so much. Of course, he only knows a few simple tricks, and Johnnie may be causing a continuous loop.

Maybe a good stiff Johnnie Drano and a nap on the train tracks would help.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

34 thoughts on “The Difference Between Past and Present”

  1. It'll work eventually .... said every lunatic ever.

    Say whatever else you want about the man, but he's probably not a child rapist. Just ask him!

  2. Man, that sure looks like he's cool with Dave. But it also looks really creepy with a hint of extortion.


      1. Here's a clue: When people are telling Blob that he's being played yet again, he probably is. It really adds to the gag to tell him that the game is on and have him refuse to believe it. It's FUN!

  3. As a public service to Dave, feel free to copy and paste:
    1) Look in the mirror. After it shatters due to your heinous appearance, look in another mirror.
    2) It's a free country and that really frosts your cookies, doesn't it?
    3) You maliciously posted a photo of yourself online, inflicting irreparable harm to my psyche and the internet.
    4) Ms. Helen Waite is the Director of Public Relations at this school district. Please go to Helen Waite...
    5) Shockingly, Ms. Helen Waite also is in charge of PR at Curtis Media.
    6) Here to help...

  4. If this guy would spend 25% of the time he spends conducting his online harassment, at developing IRL personal relationships he just might make his first true friend. He has spent the past 10+ years engaged in this constant online combat. The life he lives today is the only life he's known for decades.

    The Wisconsin boys, XM Radio forum members, The Examiner's customers X 2, Krazy Kos Kids x 2, Liberal Land, Aaron Worthing, John Hoge, Lee Stranahan, Patrick Grady, Mr & Mrs Dogg, EPWJ, UkuleleDave, David Edgrin, Liberty Chick, Andrew Brietbart and countless others have all been attacted by Bill. This is his life he has made for himself. I seriously doubt his childhood dreams & aspirations were to be an "Adjudgicated Serial Harasser." SAD

  5. Mr Schmalfeldt has been feeling thwarted for some years. He moves on to new thwarts but the feeling stays the same.

  6. Just in case Cousin Bill has forgotten, let me repeat my post from October 12 at 10:22 AM:

    "Using my real name, but I’m feeding Cousin Bill misinformation ALL THE TIME.

    It’s what I do.

    It’s what he deserves.

    And, when he acts on it, anything bad that happens is his own damn fault.

    I confidently predict that the above information will not change his behavior. Because he’s stupid, narcissistic, and mean, and compulsive.

    I also predict that the shuttering of TMZ is NOT going to be a source of happiness for Cousin Bill. It has all the markings of a major PWNage:

    Something non-essential (aka “bait”) is “accidentally” left out in the open for the target to “find”. He can’t really do anything with it, but it is shiny and attractive.

    It feeds into his fantasy, though, that he’s going to catch those he pursues…

    As soon as he notices it, and blabs about it, one of the targets major unrealizable desires suddenly happens (aka “setting the hook”). It looks like he’s on to something big!!

    The scenario is played for all it is worth, with the target getting more excited, more convinced, more agitated and more careless at every turn. Soon, he is in a lather, with the bit in his teeth, running blindly towards the cliff’s edge.

    Then, the LULZ are harvested, and the target is revealed as an even bigger buffoon!

    His initial reaction will be denial, followed by anger, sulking, and then “I totally meant to do that, I knew it the whole time” – lies.

    Give it a week of rest, and the mark will be ready to skin, again.


    1. He, of course, mocked me:

      "Well GAWRSH, Cuzzin! Now that I knows da seekrit…"

      Well, Cousin Bill, I must quote that imaginary genius, Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

      "I told you thusly. I so told you thusly!"

      Maybe next time I tell you something you don't want to hear, you might listen, eh?

      Yeah, right.

      1. Some things never change.

        We laugh and laugh and point then laugh while pointing and laughing at YOU, Shakey.

        Go eat a .45. You've urned it.

  7. The most recent episode of our Bill getting played again, like a ukulele, has actually clarified a few things in my mind.

    First is that he must have enemies to rail against, both known and unknown. For known enemies, he ran away from John Hoge after being stymied repeatedly, and when he lost in court to Patrick Grady, Dave Edgren, and me (twice), he pivoted to Dave Alexander. For "unknowns", he figuratively ran away from Jerry Fletcher, to focus on Paul Krendler. When TMZ went silent for just a few days, thinking he had won, he immediately turned to gmhowell and BusPassOffice. He has no friends - only enemies. We are all he has. If we left him alone, as had been suggested by folks at times, he would just find someone else to battle with.

    Second is that I pity him. I really do. His life is pathetic. He has no friends, only handlers. When he lost his wife, he did the things that every mental health counselor would advise against: he moved out of his home (a comforting, stable place), he gave up his existing support infrastructure (TJ), he moved in by himself (self-isolation), he moved away from his health care providers (the only ones who really could spot a serious downturn), he is self-modifying his medication (he has said that he has weaned himself off of at least one medication he was prescribed), and he has ramped up the one activity that a health care provider told him he should reduce - his online battles. He even gave up his dogs (something I can't even fathom) - talk about cutting ties with the real/living. All he has now is his online struggles. Can you imagine what it must be like at the end of the day, as those four walls (man cave? Ha! looks more like a padded cell every day) close in on him, and he reflects on the day's humiliations? I wouldn't be surprised if he really has taken to drinking himself to sleep unconsciousness. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, he will likely stroke out in his little apartment, and no one will know or care for a few days, until the odor starts to bother the neighbors. Sad. So, so, sad.

    Third is how much he shares/over-shares. We know where he lives - we can now pinpoint his exact location and know exactly what he sees out his living room windows. We know what furniture he has, what he hangs on his walls, and what ugly clothes he wears. We can prove he is a pathological liar, because he has trumpeted his thoughts and actions all over the web, and we record it because hours later he will express a completely different story. Thanks to Bill, you all know my name, address, telephone #, and email. Who knew that the dog that Bill used to help him identify me is dead? Do you know what my current agility competition dog is named or what it looks like (something important for somebody going by the name agiledog)? Do you know what the dog training facilities in my back yard look like? Have you heard me express an opinion about Jeb Bush or Bernie Sanders? Bill has tried to use my comments going back 8 or 9 months against me, but hasn't pointed out any lies - we can point out one from him almost daily. He really should learn from the old expression: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

    But even though I pity him, I will show him no mercy. I will mock him. I will insult him. I will point out his boorish/rude/crude/socially unacceptable behavior where ever and whenever I see it. I will call him on his lies. His attempt to sue me (along with the others), while stressful, was laughable. But his involvement of my wife was unforgivable. His threats to try and ruin or take away her business were beyond the pale - the ram has touched the wall. His lame attempt at a one-line apology was immediately followed by the word "But". Completely unacceptable. Yesterday, over at Billy Sez, AJ expressed the thought: "I for one prefer not to train this guy that no matter what he says the response will be hostile." Admirable, and I would encourage others to give it a try. Just don't expect me to.

    1. "Admirable, and I would encourage others to give it a try. Just don’t expect me to."

      I'd be mystified as to why anyone WOULD expect you to. He went out and picked a fight (as he has done at the behest of his master) with you. And every time he's doubled down, instead of wisely pulling in his horns or at least withdrawing.

      I think you're right. This is all he has. And it's pitiful. Many people have tried to warn him away from this, to pursue something else, because in the end he will have NOTHING to show for his 'crusade', except ashes and restraining orders.

      No, I'll not be the one to try to dissuade you. Maybe he'll come to his senses, maybe he'll turn over a new leaf. But I'm not betting any money on it.

      1. The question is always "Why? Why does Bill go after these people who, bye and large, have no idea who he his before he barges into their lives?" Cui Bono?

    2. But even though I pity him, ...

      It's easy enough to pity him, and he certainly has a lot of issues - but he's not dealt with them in years. Andyears.

      And it's certainly been pointed out to him enough.

      Roy could perhaps fill in some blanks, with my experience with the DoD (even during the Carter years), I cannot believe the Navy (of all their people, he was the Only One...?) didn't counsel him at times over his behavior (which you can pick up a lot from the DD-214), and then especially his time at the fedgov.

      There's no way you can give a "bad review" without a lot of paperwork. And counselling. (Which was probably ignored, but there were good faith attempts made.)

      At some level, it's obvious he gets it, so he fronts more. Part of the issue(s).

      He doesn't *want* to be "better". Think of it like the gamblers you know.

      He's just one big win, one dox, one big score from being in the bigtime. A mover. A Shaker. Important. Someone people defer to. Respected. Quoted. (Like W.J.J. Hoge?)

      I pity those with gambling addictions, too. But I expect they could and should seek help with their problems, and when their problems cause pain to others, they're the responsible party.

      1. "He’s just one big win, one dox, one big score from being in the bigtime. A mover. A Shaker. Important. Someone people defer to. Respected. Quoted. (Like W.J.J. Hoge?)"

        Huh, never thought of it that way. Good call.

      2. I should also note that someone who meets his idea of a Important, Respected Person is ... Kimberlin.

        Been in *Doonesbury*! Quoted in major papers!
        Important people send him money!

        And! Kimberlin tells him he's important!

  8. Details, what did he spill?

    Did it involve Poblanos? Jalapenos? Habeneros?

    The dreaded Zombifying Ghost Pepper?


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