6 thoughts on “Poll of the Day”

  1. Although I must say, all of these seem to be all but impossible for the dumbyuck

  2. Note that Cousin Bill shows his distain:

    "I don't see anything worth biting. Stay under the porch smearing yourself with your own filth. Or take poison. Either way."

    Fifty minutes later, in response to the above poll:

    "Is this: 1) OCD behavior, 2) insult to everyone who has worked for the government, 3) jealousy or 4)...all the above?"

    Huh, guess who has no self control?


    (Did Bill vote, PK? That would be icing on the cake!)

  3. https://twitter.com/dirtyschnitzel/status/651860524603457536

    I am not surprised he brought this out. While it may have equivalence, it is only related to the position one is in, not the pay grade. When being assigned to a military structure, you can be a GS-13 and have similar authority if your are in a position that can be either military or civilian and is generally a manager/director position In DUMBFUCK'S case, this doesn't apply. In no way can its position be confused with a management position. The government is full of skilled positions worthy of a GS-13 pay grade that would garner no military command deference. And in it's case, no one would EVER confuse a silly script writer with a Directorate level position.


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