Like She Often Said

Of course we must start here:

Why would I think this DUMBFUCK is as incapable of truth as it is incapable of passing up a Cub Scout rape fantasy? A chance to write about butt stuff? Or to use its condition to rationalize evil behavior?

Why does a stone fall to the ground?

Why does a mad dog bite?

Why is its pasty hide nailed to my wall?

Because it’s the law.

Because it has no choice.

Because all I do is win-win-win no matter what.

The proof of the lie?

A comment from Mrs. Lauren Stranahan, the happily married wife of Lee (with her permission of course):

What so amazes me is how a DUMBFUCK who is both transparent AND full of shit can have the skin tone of a polar bear eating marshmallows in a blizzard?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

38 thoughts on “Like She Often Said”

  1. I'm sure there are thousands more well documented lies that Bill has told. Hell, he lies easier then he tells the truth.


    Read your timeline, DUMBFUCK. You are irretrievably fixated. Also, you're fat and stupid.

    1. And how the fuck is making a mocking post about someone "dancing" for that same someone? Krendler isn't apologizing for HIMSELF or making excuses for HIMSELF. He's just mocking you.

      Someone doesn't understand the relationship here. And it's not Krendler. Just sayin'.

  3. He harassed John Hoge when John mentioned his wife's illness. He didn't do it out of compassion; he did it because he thought he could get away with it. In his twisted sense of compassion, he wanted something in return and made that request while trying to offer assistance where he had no influence or pull. It was a huge lie, but he tried to hide it under the veil of sympathy.

    And yet, with all his bluster, he couldn't do the same for his own wife. All the resources of the NIH, its vast power to heal, and he couldn't even call in a favor to save her! No, there were old battles that needed to be fought with the power of constantly changing websites, twitter handles, and disgusting pod casts. Sure, he'll say its not the same in his wife's case, but in reality, it was all part of his carefully coordinated campaign to harass. It was never about compassion for anyone's wife, including his own. His documented ghoulish revelations are there for everyone to see.

    And in the end, Bill ADMITS he ran away. He came up with a somber story of understanding between him an TJ (which we all know was more of 'get the fuck outta here you smelly piece of shit') and some divine epiphany of how moving away to Wisconsin would end his troubles. He even got Bunny Boy Unread to do a feature story filled with more lies.

    Whatever he thought he could leave behind was a lie, because he knew he still had the internet and sadly, never thought for a moment that it was still out there and had his horrific history. His lies are everywhere and he still is intending to harass as much as possible. Fortunately, the Zombies know the truth and will be here to make sure that, until he executes the final solution, he will be haunted mercilessly.

        1. But if I change it, I wouldn't be able to say...
          This comment has earned the Thinking Man's Zombie Tamper Proof Seal of Approval!

          ...but not really this comment. The other one. Higher up.

        1. Well, I know know of four seals that are official, one more that's more than a little freaky, and I seriously believe the number of "seals" I can adapt to the purpose is rapidly decreasing.

  4. Ah, so Lee Stranahan didn't separate from his wife?

    Wow, Dumbfuck. It's like that monk ability in D&D that lets you jump any distance, except it applies to conclusions. *snort*

    Glad to hear things are okay with Lee though.

    1. Bill thought this was real and made his own. It's really cut down on how much actual thought he has to put into anything.

      1. Except a guy in a rolly walker can only get to the first row, which consists of "Twitter rage" "make a vile podcast" and "fear pee."


    He meant, the weekly bomber meeting where they speculated on how to interpret the information they had scene and how to target the harassment accordingly.

    Seriously, are we really supposed to believe these were independent sources? They aren't and never have been. Unfortunately, it backfired on them and yet, they still continue to lie.

    1. See, Bill, this is where you ran off into the weeds.

      Normal people, when they hear rumors about things that are none of their fucking business, don't pass the rumors along, or act on them. That's the end of it.

      You, being abnormal and evil, act on and spread rumors that have nothing to fucking do with you, then put on your transparent, obsequious, phony "oh, so glad to hear everything is ok" act when called out. ASSHOLE.

      You are a stalker and serial harasser, Cousin Bill. That's something everyone needs to know.

      Saturation google-bombing will eventually isolate you from polite society, and clue the police and the prosecutors that they'd best deal with you, before you poke the wrong person.

      [Just so you know, Cousin, I continue to sprinkle anti-doxxing minesbreadcrumbs here and there, to discourage that behavior on your part. Don't forget, for your own sake...]


        The fuck? More than a little self aggrandizing to think Mrs. S somehow ought not consider you a creepy ass stalker and bottom shelf troll.

    2. I mean, really? What sort of a DUMBFUCK announces someone's impending divorce (because that's what he really did) when the people involved haven't said a word? Oh wait. This *is* DUMBFUCK we are talking about. What an asshole.


    Eww, I think you're turning DUMBFUCK on, O Prince of Parody (may FUN be upon you)…

  7. The mechanic said I'd blown a seal. I said fix the dammed thing and leave my personal life out of it.

  8. Proving him a liar? Not only did I document how he lied in his court submission for the harassment order when he said he called, and when he didn't get an answer, he contacted us at the only address he had: my wife at her business. I just noticed yesterday, in that email to my wife, he states that he called and emailed me, and since he didn't get a reply, he contacted her. So he is documenting his own lies now.

    I don't think his wife often said: "WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE HARD?", I think she often said "IT SHOULD BE HARD, BUT ISN'T."

  9. Didn't Dumbfuck do a whole spiel on how people need to mind their own business??
    Maybe if HE had then he wouldn't have be trying to stir up shit claiming the Stranahan's were split.

    Of course maybe the moon will rise instead of the sun in the morning. That has much more chances of happening than Stinky keeping his nose out of other's business, or not F5ing the hell out of thinkingmanzombie.

    it's all he's got.


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