GoodMorning, DUMBFUCK!

I’m making a departure from the usual fare this morning.

There’s a theme that runs through DUMBFUCK’S rhetoric like gangrene through an infected limb. I want to open the floor for a philosophical discussion, based on the following pair of questions. In answering, I hope you will be honest, even if you have to be vague in details to protect yourself and your identity.

Question 1:

What has ever happened in your life to convince you that we ever get what we deserve?

Question 2:

Do you believe that life is fair? Please explain why, using examples where necessary.

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I would very much appreciate your sincere efforts to stay on topic here.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “GoodMorning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Life is not fair. There are certain behaviours and actions which are far more likely to have positive outcomes, but there are no guarantees. One can do everything right and crash and burn while watching someone totally f-up but be lucky. But, in general, the person who does all the right stuff, behaving in a socially acceptable fashion, working hard (or smart) and treating others the way they want to be treated, is going to go much further, even without as much natural talent as the a$$.

    Of course that is speaking from a financial/worldly success point of view. From a spiritual/strictly social viewpoint, I think the zombies are a great example of life being (relatively) fair. We treat others decently until they give us good reason not to, we support our friends and family, and therefore we have do friends and loving families, and are far richer spiritually and emotionally for it.

  2. Our sense of right and wrong which drives our desire for justice is what makes us wish that life were fair. It isn't in a fallen world, but that doesn't mean that we should acquiesce to evil.

    As a Christian, my faith tells me that I won't get what I deserve in the end, and I hope to be eternally grateful for that.

  3. Life is neither fair nor unfair. Life is life. Fairness is a charitable human concept that we try to impose on life. In certain circumstances life may place disproportionate burdens on an individual independent of any action by that individual; alternatively another individual may realize a great windfall. Neither of these is fair, but as members of western civilization we might reach out to the "victim" of the disproportionate burdens, or applaud the magnanimous charity of the beneficiary of the windfall; but these are still social constructs. We are not bound to help those less fortunate, nor are we required to share in our bounty (federal welfare notwithstanding). I would argue that we are better people when we do, but we are not lesser if we do not.

  4. There's a quote from a writer named Cathleen Falsani. I'm going to paraphrase it here simply because rearranging it a bit suits the way I want to share the idea. But it’s by no means an original thought.

    When you get what you deserve – that’s Justice.
    When you don’t get what you deserve – that’s Mercy.
    When you get what you absolutely do not deserve – that’s Grace.

    1. I was working on my comment when yours arrived in my in-box; I ignored it until I'd posted my own thoughts. Interesting how they parallel one another!

  5. When we get what we deserve, we are reaping only what we have sowed, which may be fair, but can be unpleasant. I have seen this principle worked out in my life over and over again. On the other hand, I have also experienced the opposite dynamic: on many occasions I did not receive what I deserved, and thus avoided the unpleasant consequences of my own foolishness. Is this unfair?

    Life, not being sentient, is neither fair nor unfair. Only God is fair, and He deals with us fairly. In mercy, He may not always mete out what we deserve, and in grace He may grant what we do not deserve. We cannot understand fully the circumstances of our lives while we remain in this life, except to know that whatever befalls us does so with God's permission, and for the purpose of teaching us something about ourselves and about His relationship with us.

    In trying times, I may bemoan what I perceive to be the unfairness of my life, but I have learned, most often in those painful times, that I am my own worst enemy, and that His desire is to strip away everything that keeps me in that state.

    I am grateful for God's mercy and His grace in His dealings with me.

    1. "When we get what we deserve, we are reaping only what we have sowed, which may be fair, but can be unpleasant."

      I have major differences with this statement. The first section, that we get what we deserve, is not always the case. Case in point, my situation with my youngest daughter. I left her with her father because she told me she wanted to stay at her high school to finish out there. She knew, when she told me this, over and over, that I could not stay anywhere close at all to her father because I would be drawn back into his grasp, and if I did I would more than likely end up killing myself from despair. However, since I left, and did not take her with me, I have been separated from her in more ways than one. Apparently she either did not believe me when I told her that I was leaving her father, or she believes him when he tells her that my leaving means that I don't love her as well.

      From this sowing (leaving her father) I am reaping endless pain. I submit that I neither deserve it, nor is it fair. It is not fair that my soon-to-be ex is an emotionally abusive person, that he is emotionally abusing my child by telling her that I don't love her and don't care about her. It is not fair that he was emotionally abusive to me, about to become physically abusive, so abusive that I had to run away from him halfway across the country just to escape his grasp and make certain I didn't return to his abuse. It is not fair that my daughter is hurt. It is not fair that I am hurt. Neither of us deserve this.

      So, based on this scenario, I reject your first point, accept your second, reject your third, and accept your fourth.

      However, your last sentence I fully and unequivocally agree with. And am ever so grateful for as well.

      1. Ash --

        May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your heart and mind through Christ Jesus. And, may His grace and mercy be ever present, and serve as a comfort during the most trying of times.

        You are loved, my friend. *prayers*

  6. So in my weekly card game I asked Jesus if he had any threes..

    He said go fish

    All I know is that I have seen the panorama of human misery, we are all blessed in ways we will never ever imagine,

    Our life here is the gift we need to pass on to others and to protect those who need our help.

  7. Fair? Fair doesn't exist. Fair is a human conceit. Ask Sandra DeLong if life is fair.

    Life is hard. Wear a helmet.

  8. I have to agree wholeheartedly with Gus above. Fair is a human concept, and life doesn't care about it.

    To directly answer the questions: 1) The only times when we get what we deserve are those times when our acts and the consequences are under the purview of those in a position to observe, evaluate, and respond. Like Gus said, the universe/life doesn't care, but people do. If I do something good or bad in secret, that no one knows about, it has been my experience that it is random chance that I'll "get what I deserve" for that act. If, on the other hand, I do something in public, I have found that there is a greater chance than pure randomness that I'll reap the reward for it. Here is a simple example: As I am getting ready to compete for an event in agility, if I treat my dog nice at the start line, I'll tend to get calls by the judge in my favor for subjective things that happen during the run. If, on the other hand, I am mean or stern to my dog at the start line, calls go against me. I see this is true for almost all the other competitors as well. If I treat my dog one way or another in private before I get to the line, and am neutral in the ring, the subjective calls seem pretty randomly distributed.

    2) Life is not fair, as explained above. As proof, I offer that I have lived a decent life, but am burdened with having come to the attention of the DUMBFUCK, and having to deal with all the ugly things that implies.

  9. Fairness assumes a universal measure for wrong-doing and punishment. I know someone untroubled by their own plagiarism, dishonesty and hubris. I know another guy who gets emotionally distressed at being reminded of his life's work, though the main source of the information is his very reliable authorized biography.

    For these individuals, there is no fairness. They are always victims of their own warped perspectives.

  10. Life is not fair. I regularly receive better than I deserve. However, preparation, care, hard work, patience and dealing straight with people provides positive outcomes more often than not.

    I agree with the above writers that fair is an artificial construct we have created to help decide what is just and not.

    I myself have always tried to teach my children to never use the F-words, free and fair.

  11. Babies die in house fires and of brain cancer. Neither life nor whatever deity may exist are fair. Cruel, rather. So fairness, and justice, are human concepts, and we can seek to impose them on life, or just hope for them, as we choose. I aim to impose, myself.

  12. People always have wondered the Jesus was real, that is answered by the very blog here, the fact that people at great risk confront evil, have stable and enriching family lives, is the answer, he is everywhere manifested in those around us.

  13. Life is neither fair nor unfair. It just is. Some people who get ahead are evil. Some are very good. Do you always get what you deserve? No. Do you always get what you need? No.

    All you can do is lead your life in the best way you can. Be kind to others. Work hard. Educate yourself. Find something, if not your work then a hobby, that brings you joy. In the end we are all going to die and whatever you have here won't be going with you. I personally believe that only if the afterlife will there be fair and unfair as judged by the only one actually capable of judgement.

  14. Life isn't fair and nothing is free. I spend my days taking care of the best man on this planet. He was hurt keeping others safe. There are so many that have given their life or the ability to live their life, for others. Then you "meet" folk like dumbyuck and I wonder why. The simple answer is the calling these great people hear. I believe it comes from GOD. Non believers I have talked to attribute it to their character.

    Either way, it isn't "fair" that dumbyuck is able to blog for hours while my husband isn't able to use a computer. Fortunately we were not promised fair.

    1. May God Bless you and yours, Freedom Costs. Our family is eternally grateful for the sacrifices you've made, and will be praying for your family.

      1. Amen, dear Jane. Amen.

        "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

        God bless, Freedom Costs... always.

    2. Freedom Costs,

      Your comment is packed full with conversational high points, and it is clear that in your own way you are every bit the hero your husband is. I’m going to miss something in what follows, so please excuse that failure when it happens.

      God bless your husband and his sacrifice. God bless you as his caretaker, and the sacrifices you make as well to be that. I believe in the freedom promised in the America I live in, even if that means the freedom to be a DUMBFUCK. It is indeed unfair and undeserved that men like your husband must suffer so that DUMBFUCKS may roam free, but I think we have established that “fair” and “deserve” are ephemeral constructs under the best of conditions.

      I will pray for you and yours.

      1. I fat fingered the up/down buttons, and that down ding is totally accidental. I can't get it to go away though. 🙁

        That will teach me to try to do find motor skill screen work with the ipad in my lap.

      2. Thank you Jane and Paul. I appreciate all prayers and good thoughts.

        I agree as does my hubby that "deserve and fair" are not what matters. He was willing to die for the freedoms that allow jerks to be jerks.

        The blessing in all this mess is dumbyuck's world that gets blasted thru the interwebs and I run into it and suddenly my life doesn't seem so dark. I have so many things to be grateful for, an intelligent, loving man that came home against all odds.

        Knowing there are people who champion those that are bullied, that are stalked and made to fear for their lives and livelihood makes it easier to get up everyday. Watching the news is so bleak, but the blogs I found that are fighting for right helps show him that the America he loves still exists. Reading your humorous blasts at dumbyuck to my husband makes him smile. And for that I am grateful.

      1. I agree with Grace. PK,those moments are more important to the people around you than you will ever know.


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