30 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK! Part II”

  1. I like how Bill is claiming his time as a Navy Journalist as a "great accomplishment" compared to Dave's accomplishments.

    Let's look at what Bill "accomplished" as a Navy Journalist:


    1. Transient --- (Bill comes back in the Navy 8 January 1982)
    2. Working at a Navy Home -- (place for retirees)
    3. Patient
    4. Pending Assignment
    5. Working at NAS Pensacola hospital
    6. Student
    7. Student -- (Bill graduates from JO A-school in September 1982 and Shipboard information and Entertainment Course November 1982)
    8. Assigned to USS Towers -- (Bill's FIRST duty assignment as a Navy Journalist)
    9. Under Treatment
    10. Transient
    11. Limited Duty -- (for injury/recovery and assigned to NAS Leemore Flying Club)
    12. Transient
    13. Student
    14. Assigned to USS Midway
    15. Patient
    16. Temporary Duty pending Medical Separation Board
    17. Separation -- (Bill leaves the Navy 4 October 1985)

    Hell Bill wasn't even a Navy "Journalist" until he graduated from the Basic Broadcasting Course in September 1982 and he didn't complete all his training for his new rating (JO) until November 1982. So the first TWO YEARS when he came back in the navy (8 January 1981 - 02 November 1982) Bill was not a journalist.

    So what did he "accomplish" in his remaining time in the navy? A whole lot of limited duty and avoiding sea duty by his official navy records.

    1. If Bill spent half the time actually working and trying to learn then he did figure ways to suck the public tit he might have actually made something of himself. But I guess being a lazy talent-less hack limited his options.

  2. Beautiful, crisp October morning, complete with a couple of cups of Kona peaberry ($55 the pound), a light, delicious breakfast at the Club after services with the fam, topped off by a most vigorous monkey-dance by Cousin Bill, courtesy of Paul Krendler.

    Life *simply* DOESN'T get any better!!!

    Thanks, Paul, for kicking him in his nutfeet, once again.

  3. https://twitter.com/dirtyschnitzel/status/650718623254880256

    Yet another tacit admission that his lulzsuits against Patrick Grady were both frivolous an vexatious.

    Also, he doesn't seem to understand what "dismissal with prejudice" means, although it was his own motion.

    1. The lulzsuits might also have involved no shortage of perjury, since he swore under oath that Grady is Krendler, but now says that he can't "absolutely prove" it.

      1. And can anyone explain how anything that Krendler has written will put him in jail? He hasn't committed forgery or perjury, (unlike other parties we can name), and I never heard of civil charges leading to prison time.

        I guess it's just Bill's fantasy life where he is in control of the entire legal system including writing the rules and laws, and doling out the punishments.

      2. William has a rather fevered imagination about how certain Wisconsin statutes work and the application to interstate mattes.

        Of course, that should surprise no one. The only time he correctly interpreted the law was when John Hoge handed it to him gift-wrapped.

        Only Oliver Wendell Jones, despite his storied scholarship, has been declared an annoying menace in four different states.

      3. He still hasn't gotten back to me, or anyone else for that matter, the list of people he's managed to put in jail, or have legally acquired their wives and property. I'm guessing it takes a lot of time to collate that data and cross reference with all the legal judgments in his favor.

  4. A lot of monkey dancing on twitterz I see. He's complaining about some puppy under the porch and his desire to kick it. Sadly the puppy is winning big time over the truck stop whore killer.

  5. So let's get this straight. He got a terrible review and was forced out because he could not longer write. Now he spends all his free time writing. Sounds legit. It not called 'retirement' when they force you out for incompetence.


    1. You can tell a lot about a person by the lines on their face, particularly as they age.

      CousinBill is bitter, closed, and mean, while Dave appears to have happy lines...

      Just sayin'

      1. Given William's graphic, it's noteworthy to point out that when he WAS working and making a hundred grand a year, he left the little woman on the hook for credit card debt to the point that she was sued for recovery.

        Love is grand, ain't it?

      2. Exactly. And, not just the lines in their faces, Cousin Roy. Look at their eyes:

        Dave's? Bright. Sincere. Happy. You can tell a kind heart and a good soul lies behind them.

        BS's? Dark. Angry. Spiritless. Pissed off at the world.

        Day vs night.

    2. Retired after a long career?

      Well I guess when your work history has you changing jobs every 6-12 months months for 20 years and you leave a federal government job after 6 years of employment (2005 - 2011)... that's pretty much retirement.

      Yeah yeah yeah he used his PD to get a medical retirement because he was no longer capable of sitting for 8 hours a day in an office, typing on a computer screen "news blurbs" and occasionally doing podcasts for NIH because his PD prevented him from doing that.

      Meanwhile in his "retirement" fatso sits for 18 hours a day in front of a computer screen, writing gobblydegook, and occasionally making a fool of himself on podcasts.

      I guess PD only causes problems in a work environment setting... and you just had to get that government free cheese, eh Bill?


      1. On one of the MANY blogs BS has created (because PD so hinders his ability to write, ya see), there were numerous posts of him whining and complaining and bitching about his commute to-and-from his gubmint cubicle. Then they let him write and take some calls from home for a spell.

        It appears even that proved to be more effort than BS wanted to put in for a taxpayer-funded paycheck. Leech.

  6. Please tell me that Willie did not threaten our favorite zombie with jail time for making Blubbering Bill do the monkey dance. I know Willie is Witless, but it is sub-human to think that hurting its feelings is a criminal offense.

    1. Bill did indeed state that the head zombie would do time once he was identified. (Of course Bill has sworn in court documents that he knows who PK is, so when was he lying? Now, or in the court documents?)

      There is obviously a special "pretendy land" (as Bill likes to call it) where he lives and gets to decide all matters of law, including the punishments for breaking the rules. That this "pretendy land" only rarely intersects with the real world has eluded him for years.


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