34 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Come on, now. We all know that a Zombie has no use for Blob. No BRAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS.

    Roll along at your leisure, fat boy.

  2. no one buys mobility scooters they are a huge medicare fraud these mobility scooters, kind of like asking for a reduced evaluation so you can apply for full disability - wonder what happened to that he was writing he should get several thousand a month - don't think he got anything...

  3. Hey Bill Schmalfeldt why did you erase your blog, because you made several articles about me accusing me of crimes because you were making child porn and selling from your apartment 108 of the Juniper Court complex in St Francis?

    Did you really think that (we know you didn't send it and you know why you didn't send it) intimidation over your scout sex tapes was going to be welcomed by law enforcement?

    Did you delete these articles so St Francis couldn't see them and evict you?

    Yeah right, just like you are getting a settlement - I think this is the third time you said you are getting a settlement - wonder how many settlements are you getting - the only reason I wonder is that the application online for the apartment complex has asset disclosures, wonder if you filled that one out correctly.

    Wonder how the retied veterans are going to react when they hear you are broadcasting porn stories of children being raped and urinated on from their religious community

    So you deleted things because you knew they were wrong........

    too bad everyone backed them up and offered them to me.

    1. Retired vets would push his fatass into Lake Michigan, scooter and all for being a stolen valor douchenozzle.

      1. they told me I have two years to decide whether to file a criminal complaint against him for his threatening behavior -

        I can also go to the court here and they can force the DA to file charges if they pass on it.

    1. you forgot the Twinkie rule. Always have Twinkie's for your friends. Not everyone likes Snowballs, except me and my Dad I guess.

  4. Howard's sage advice still applies. lol!

    "Man Cave" furniture and accessories. Clocks. Scooters. At this rate, he'll whip right through that paltry inheritance, and return to being tincasa poor by the new year.

    As a Stage Eleventy PD patient, I'd wager removing all physical activity from one's life would not be the recommendation of a competent physician. In fact, any and all literature concerning Parkinson's Disease strongly suggests that those who suffer from such an affliction get as much physical activity into their lives as possible. Now the worthless slob is too lazy to even walk.

    As the over-sharer himself has made clear via his move, his travels, his walks, laundry, etc... he is NOT "totally disabled." However, due to his unwillingness to even put forth the smallest of effort, he behaves as if being 100% disabled and forcing others to care for his lazy, useless ass is his short-term, ultimate goal.

    What a selfish sack of waste.

    1. As a wheelchair-bound guy myself, I can't tell you how many times people have suggested I get a powered chair. My response is always along the lines of "my arms still work just fine, thanks."

      The point being, while I may be unable to walk (for now - there's some hope for the future), that doesn't mean I'm going to let myself get lazy. Heck, I wish I had *more* ways to get upper-body exercise.

  5. https://twitter.com/i94radio/status/660108104860835840

    Weird. I count exactly zero comments regarding whether Blob *deserves* his very own Rascal.

    It's your money, Dumbfuck! You urned it! Cheap scotch, scat porn, a lil' turd hauler... Whatever floats your bloat!

    1. He says stuff like tat so that he can play the victim. Blog posts that say zero about Hoge are retweeted by him, claiming that they are about Hoge. He LOVED Parvocampus's new book, which was a compilation of posts here, which BS had claimed were about him. Then, he was outraged. Two days ago, he was thrilled by those same posts. Today? Not so much. He shifts positions to suit his current con game.

      1. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-_r-NgzVMNpw/Ts19aKwGzvI/AAAAAAAABJA/F3U06yNnPbA/s1600/dj%2526md1.jpg

  6. He just likes to spend money, and concocts reasons to do it.

    His knee? Would this be the same knee that he purportedly blew out 20 months ago when he stood up, self diagnosed it as a ruptured tendon, declared loudly that he was confining himself to a wheelchair for LIFE, and blamed Hoge? Or is this the OTHER knee that he hurt in the Navy, that rendered him unable to perform his 100% desk job?

    Why in the past few months, this very same man managed to walk from Camden Yards to the federal courthouse, travel from Maryland to Wisconsin by himself,go on mile-plus walks around his new rent-assisted apartment complex, cook, clean, and redecorate his apartment.

    Believe it or not, this is the 21st century, and there is something called knee surgery, IF you need it. There is also something called physical therapy. Nevertheless, those are not as much fun as spending money on an unneeded contraption that will accelerate physical deterioration and bone loss.

    In light of his past history, tales of physical trauma usually precede new lawfare, accompanied by podcasts in which he says things like, "who do you think the judge is going to believe, Krendler/Grady/Hoge/lynnThomas/Eric/ChrisHeather/PEMason, etc., or a disabled widower in a rollywalker/wheelchair/scooter?"

  7. Of course, a lie. Not a single comment about whether he "deserves" one, but his dishonest reframing if the comments does give insight into his reasons for spending money frivolously.


  8. Always with the butt stuff, this one:


  9. In "Lovely Day For A Rolly-Stroll" Mr. Stage Eleventy!11!1!11111!!!!!! PD produced a google map of stroll through Bay View Park. My redrawing of the route gave an estimated length of 1/2 mile. So is Mr. Stage Eleventy!11!1!11111!!!!!! PD actually admitting that he walked a mile that day? Is his Google mapping a good indicator of his actual eleventy!11!1!11111!!!!!! PD stage?

  10. perhaps Shaky the DumbFuck Lyin of Lebanon merely wants a Hoveround to travel to the Grand Canyon with the Truck Stop Special Timing Device, or have his picture taken for People Of Walmart website

  11. Say Brett, now I can catch those pesky fast running Cub Scouts



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