Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Because I actually DO have a heart and a soul (stored in jars tucked waaaay back on the top shelf in the linen closet), I’m not going to share DUMBFUCK’S latest death-porn,  but for the brave of heart, here’s a link to the jpeg file in the Wayback Machine.

The last time it made public such a disturbing photograph, it tried to excuse what it had done by saying it “HAD HER PERMISSION!!!” and to show that she is (was) a human being.

Somehow, I don’t think either excuse for this complete, nutcrushingly stupid act of desecration is going to fly.

I wonder what TJ and the rest of Gail’s cremaining family would think of this if they saw it…after they got past the “Oh, dat’s yust crayzee Uncle DUMBFUCK.  Dunno what she ever saw in a shiftless malingerer like dat’un.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. God Bless Gail, I am very sorry for her family, friends who miss her. She was one of God's children, I felt sorrow for her suffering, it was a terrible way to go and losing a sister at the same time as Gail almost in the same manner, I can only imagine the pain for her family

  2. Bill fights for dignity of his wife in his writings, takes and publishes photos that take it all away.

  3. I wish people would consider Willie's feelings here. He is working through his grief by sharing that, in his new home, his wife's ashes will always have an honored place, far removed from the liquor cabinet in the kitchen. I assume the clock has been sent to a specialist in funerary clocks for the virtually impossible task of converting it from Eastern daylight savings time to Central regular time.

    And then Krendler torments Willie's grieving heart by stealing his COPYRIGHTED photo of the baggie (which gave implied consent through silence) for UNFAIR, HOGE-like use of what was an entirely private (restricted to only those with an Internet connection) tribute to the multifarious uses of plastic. Willie should sue someone in Illinois with a name starting with P (such as PATRICK or LYNN) for this intrusion on his privacy.

  4. I find it odd that old Bill is threatening Krendler if he ever finds out who he is. Correct me if I'm wrong here but didn't Bill file at least two lawsuits where he claimed under penalty of perjury that he knew EXACTLY who Krendler was? KOOKY! It's as if Bill lied.

    How about it Bill? Care to tell us exactly who Krendler is or do you just want to man up and admit you lied? Bwhahahahahaha man up. Who am I kidding, that's something Bill is incapable of.

    1. In his motion to dismiss, the stated reasons for doing so did not include that he realized he was suing he wrong person.

  5. Perhaps he sold the clock for a bottle of his special "creme soda" JWB and is showing us all the new special place for the Truck Stop Special of the Day?

  6. Well, it appears that William M Schmalfeldt Sr. has decided to prove once again why he has earned the title DUMBFUCK. He said: "when I successfully dropped my lawsuit against several of his readers". Errr, successfully dropped a lawsuit? Is that like successfully hitting the floor when you trip over your own two testicular-like feet (or leaning over too damn far trying to pet a dog)? Is it that hard? It must have been a mighty struggle against the array of law firms filing to extend the suit and move it forward. But by golly, he out-smarted them!

    I see he also posted another one of his death-porn pictures of his late wife. I wonder if he got her permission this time? What is she doing in a plastic baggie? I remember him telling us how he had the nice lady transfer his wife's ashen remains into the urn so that he didn't spill any with his Stage ELEVEENTY!!!!! Parkinsons shaking hands. How did she get in the bag?!? I hope he didn't spill too much. And why couldn't he have just taken a picture with the urn? I hope he doesn't leave the baggie on the counter when he and his pal Johnnie Walker are cooking his schnitzel - he could mistake the ashes for sea salt, and sprinkle some over his dish. Yuk - well, at least that's what I think. For him? I'm not sure.

    Maybe he put his late wife's ashes in a baggie so he could take her on one of his long walks (that a completely disabled person shouldn't be able to do.) I sure hope that is one of those double sealed Ziplocs - wouldn't want those cool lake breezes (from the waste water treatment plant just outside of town) to blow any of those ashes away if he drops the baggie. Since he abandoned his dogs when he moved, he likely has a spare leash he can clip to the baggie somehow, and take her out for a drag.

    And what about Raven and Shiloh? He professed to be a dog lover, but I don't believe he has said one word about them since he abandoned them in Maryland. I wonder if he made any provisions with TJ to take care of them, or did anything to help with the costs of fostering two dogs off on to someone? He probably just tied them to a tree out in the yard, and rolly-walked away. It seems to me that any normal human being who had a "happy family" of a wife and two dogs, upon losing their wife, would cherish and embrace the dogs. But not William M Schmalfeldt - he just abandons them and moves away. Loving. Thoughtful. Caring. NOT!

    And now he wants us to feel sorry for him crying over fortune cookies? Because he doesn't have his wife and his doggies anymore? Only a DUMBFUCK would completely self-isolate after losing a loving spouse. And we're suppose to feel sorry for him because he did? It's why we call him DUMBFUCK.

    Add in his juvenile and unoriginal "Psychofuck" - he can't even come up with an original insult to toss at his hated enemy. It sounds just like some 4th grader on the playground: "I know you are, but what am I?" Is that the best a GS-13 and 30 year professional journalist could come up with? I guess that self-proclaimed "very minor cognitive difficultie (sic)" is much worse that he thought.

      1. That's an interesting point. Is it because Mr. Hoge wouldn't put up with his crap that he holds such a "special" place in Bill's shrunken black heart?

      2. Gus, I would guess the reason Bill hates John Hoge so much is because John was the first person to say No! to him forcefully, publicly, and making it stick. Bully Billy really didn't like that.


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