Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

You know, for three long years, all John Hoge ever wanted from this DUMBFUCK was simply to be left alone.  He asked nicely – many, many times – and was ignored -many, many times – until finally involvement by the courts became necessary.

What baffles me (well, not really, it’s just a figure of speech, I’m really quite sharp for a Zombie) is why a DUMBFUCK might ever consider that anyone would take seriously a request/profane demand that it was never willing to agree to itself, especially when the DUMBFUCK can only assume that anyone is talking about it at all?

If a DUMBFUCK has a First Amendment right to write ABOUT anyone it pleases, how could John Hoge, or myself, or anyone else among us be denied the same right to pen a possibly fictional posthumous memoir of an EXTREMELY friendly Maryland truck stop waitress who wasn’t a great server but still gave great service? Or anything else we felt like writing about?

Just asking questions…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

36 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”


  2. I do miss stopping in that truck stop...I always asked her how she liked her eggs in the morning...Scrambled, Over Easy or Fertilized...

    Ah...good times...

  3. I was thinking about some of your earlier posts, and how BS consistently took the hook every time when it came to dangling lures in front of him.

    Do you think if you started posting this gif he might figure it out?

    1. I'm with Roy. We TOLD him he was being played and he still went for it.

      World's Stupidest Man™

  4. " pen a possibly fictional posthumous memoir..."

    Shouldn't that be changed to 'probably?'

  5. I'[m sure the law enforcement will be happy with this latest vomit from the crazy train child pornographer selling sex stories with young children..

    1. About. Young children, that is. Not with.

      You make it sound like he's got kids out there selling it door-tot-door like 70s kids sold Grit,

      Which would be hilarious, if it wasn't a bit too sick, but definitely not what you mean.

  6. I saw a thing where he strongly implied that a certain popular post on this blog, which post he attempted to steal for one of his glorified web-pamphlets, simply sprang, entirely unbidden, onto the internet just to torment him and the sainted deceased.

    Never occurs to him to mention that if he didn't write about how he "imagined" Mr. Hoge's, day, perhaps no one would have parodied such imaginings?

    No, what goes around, never EVER comes around! That's just crazy-talk!

    1. Oh, what I love is the photograph that was "stolen from a copyrighted blog," is completely disconnected from the post "I copied into a book I was writing."

      That's the shit that makes my day.


    "except when I can't resist the F5 key..."

  8. I can't answer the question of who is the snit in "schnitzel," but I have a strong suspicion of who is the shit.


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