Earworm Wednesday!

This group is undeniably off-center, and this video reflects that in spades.

But the song is an earworm, and if you skip past the verses to the chorus, the title seems an appropriate Theme Song For A DUMBFUCK.

The name of the group is just an ironic and hilarious coincidence.




Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Earworm Wednesday!”

  1. To be filed under "DUH! What did you expect?", we have this:


    What did they think was going to happen with gender-neutral bathrooms in college dorms?

    1. All the bathrooms in my houses are gender neutral.

      Have been for decades. We've never had and incident of voyeurism reported, to date.

      What's the big deal? Why can't they do this right?

      /sarc (for those slow on the uptake...)

  2. Wow.

    One could do a thesis for a PhD in one of the "fake/soft sciences" on that song WRT Cousin Bill's life.

    Oh, handy metric addition for training your bullshit meter:

    If a branch of study has "science" in its title...it isn't a science. Examples:

    - Christian Science
    - Decision Science
    - Social Science
    - Creation Science
    - Earth Science
    - Climate Science
    - Computer Science (my own degree, which is mostly a black art, wrapped in some craftsmanship, at best)
    - Medical Science

    The only exception I've found is Materials Science, a branch of physics and chemistry, and most of those guys prefer to just call it "Materials".

    Real sciences don't feel the need to try so hard:

    - Chemistry
    - Biology
    - Physics
    - Quantum Mechanics (false modesty - that's a real science, there are no wrenches involved!)
    - Mathmatics

    Talking with one of my (non-Schmalfeldt) cousins, who has a PhD in Quantum Physics, and is a *real* double-digit GS grade, managing a department of nearly five hundred physicists, machinists, quantum mechanics, and various support personnel at a National Laboratory, this is actually a well-known metric in the "hard sciences." He was pleased that I had arrived at the conclusion through independent observation.

    Perhaps this is the best, most bigoted expression of what I'm trying to say here, courtesy of the same cousin:

    “All science is either physics or stamp collecting.” — Ernest Rutherford (1962)


  3. I rather like some of the Cure's stuff.

    But that sucked. Musically, vocally, as a performance.

    And they can't dance. Even by drunk/high white guy standards, they cannot dance.


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