Cognitive Dissonance in Wisconsin

Adjacent paragraphs from the St Francis Vomitorium.  Hard to reconcile unless one is a DUMBFUCK:

These people don’t know Gail. They don’t know me. They know I stood up in support of someone they hate more than Satan, a convicted bomber who was released from prison after doing his time. This group sees itself as a self-appointed vigilante squad to put the man back in jail, at any cost.

You can learn more about this group by reading my friend Matt Osborne’s website, Bunny Boy Unread.Matt has a good feel for these people and their motives.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

41 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance in Wisconsin”

  1. Stinky's problem is we do know him, by all the awful crap he has spewed over the last few years, on Twitter (under how many handles now?? around 100??) on various blogs he has posted and since deleted and his podcasting (many of which have also been deleted)

    the internet is FOREVER Stinky and your own words will always condemn you to the mockery you so richly deserve.

  2. I personally don't hate Brett more than Satan. I don't hate Brett at all. I think he's a liar and a cheat; I know he's a drug-runner and a bomber who doesn't pay his debts; including his debt to society which still has over a decade to go (no Bill, he hasn't served his time and you are a liar.)

    1. I don't mind admitting I think Brett has escaped punishment for other serious crimes than the ones he got a 50 yr sentence for (some of which he freely boasted about attempting or carrying out to his biographer.) Maybe some since.

      1. Oh don't get me wrong. I hold Brett in complete contempt; both for his past crimes and his ongoing pedophilia. I just can't muster enough "give-a-damn" to hate him.

  3. While his wife was dying, a sad sad sad event, he spent her last moments making websites and composing podcasts describing urinating on bound and gagged small children as they were being readied for gang raping, think he left that out of this heartfelt narrative

  4. "Matt has a good feel for these people and their motives."

    Considering he lied about what was said at the Harassment Prevention Order hearing against William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., it appears he does NOT have a "good feel for these people and their motives". He cannot know what my motives where for requesting that order, as I have never told him.

    As noted before (many times, many places): William M Schmalfeldt Sr. is a proven liar.

    1. I noticed the bunny hugger has Dumbfuck up to " Stage V Parkinson’s Disease" or is my memory faulty and he has always claimed Stage V and has not just now advanced from IV to V, or is it just the effects of inflation?

      1. Just took a quick peek at WebMD.

        Bill's claims to the contrary, he's at worst a Stage III.

        Stage IV prevents accomplishment of daily routine activity, and Stage V requires around the clock assistance.

        Given that he's furnished his new man cave on his own, that he feeds himself, and that he can motor about with the rolly-walker, Stage III.

      2. Yeah, but pine boxes float, and iron lungs sink and have wheels, and it's downhill all the way to Lake Michigan...

        Well, I'm not going to draw a picture.

      3. Roy -

        Get the local scouts to do a Pinewood Derby race and invite their local celebrity radio personality who does comedy skits about the scouts?

        Of course, pine floats, but it needs a couple holes for air, right?

  5. I sent the link to the audio to his son, to those at XMfan and PF, as well as his doctors office at Vanderbilt. The Parkison Foundation and the people at Michael J fox as well.

  6. Didn't know Gail. Felt pity for her, though.

    Have known Cousin Bill, all my life. Despise the miserable cocksucker, and haven't been shy about saying it, either.

    He's getting what he deserves. Good and hard, at that.

    Let me point out, also, that not one damn thing that has happened to him is one iota worse than a similar thing he's done to someone else.

    Karma, chickens coming home to roost, call it what you will...


    1. I've a quibble. Not one thing that's been done to him, rather than just happened to him. He was born himself, and that's worse than anything I know of that he's done to anyone else. I can imagine a more miserable existence... but I have to work at it.

  7. What parts do we not know? We know his favorite people. We know the people he will bring to their knees if given half a chance. We know when he is escalating. We know when his logic circuits are worn out. We know intimate details of his private life. We know more about his digestive issues than we care to know. We know he was able to lift and carry during a period of time when he claimed disability. We know websites that have fired or banned him for his obnoxious writing. We know that he has deleted most of his own online writing. We know he hates going out in the cold, so he moved to Wisconsin. We know what he thinks is funny. We know his greatest accomplishments can be represented by trophies, and gathered around him on a brown Lazyboy. We know he liked extra salad when he was in the Navy.

    1. No, no, no, not 'extra salad'; he liked to 'toss salads'.

      On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 11:35 AM, The Thinking Man's Zombie wrote:

      > Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave) commented: "What parts do we not > know? We know his favorite people. We know the people he will bring to > their knees if given half a chance. We know when he is escalating. We know > when his logic circuits are worn out. We know intimate details of his > private life."


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