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    You trust a convicted perjurer/notorious fabulist/domestic terrorist, Dumbfuck. Seriously, your friends are scumbags and so are theirs. You'd be just as well off trusting the voices in your head.

    1. BS does not know what the truth is, even on those occasions when Truth, usually an even-tempered sort of entity, has suffered a baby harp seal moment, seized the clue bat, and administered a drubbing to the dented pate.

    2. He's a serial adjudicated harasser with associations with violent felons and convicted pedophiles. He has harassed dead babies, live babies, underage children and solicited the rape of a grieving mother and her underage daughters

      Yet he claims a moral high ground....

      Oh and he threatened to rape a child for calling him a bad DJ on XMfan

  2. I concede to Schmalfeldt that Lee Stranahan is not my personal cup of tea. Stranahan's attitude toward the Steubenville Rape case was, at the least, distasteful as well as stupid. But what Witless Willie does not get is that disagreeing with Stranahan's public writings about public topics is not a justification for harassing Stranahan, let alone Stranahan's wife. I despise some of what Stranahan wrote about Steubenville, but, as anyone not deeply creepy understands, that does not give me a right to attempt disrupting his and his wife's relationship with their children or using a child's death as a tool in a politically motivated personal spat.

    Bumptious Bill has lost any right ever to be treated with normal human decency and kindness as a result of his continuing behavior toward the Stranahans (and the Hoges and the Gradys and the Walkers and AD and his wife and probably many others). The Stranahans come up because they are probably the most egregious of Weird Will's victims.

    We do not and should not forgive murder because the victim was not a candidate for beatification. And Slimy Schmalfeldt deserves to be held up to public scorn and mockery for the rest of his contemptible and squalid existence. If I believed that people saying mean things about his dead wife caused him any emotional pain, which I don't believe for a second because I don't believe him capable of any love except self-love, I would have no sympathy. His only talent is causing pain to others; if that rebounds on himself, it is poetic and moral justice.

    And by the way, it is hysterically funny that Team Kimberlin finds it so galling that public exposure of their antics results in others getting money. Oh they want that money, and the sound of their frustrated greed and envy is music to my ears.

    1. I always find it cathartic when normally mild mannered commenters reach a limit and righteously vent their spleen. Having had a moment or two like that myself, please accept this on behalf of all humanity:


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