#Cluebat 2

While it’s clear that DUMBFUCK believes it understands my motives, and that they have nothing to do with its harassment of the Stranahan’s, I’m here to tell you that it is – brace yourself – WRONG.

Breathe. Breathe.  Take a drink of water. Relax.

I’m willing to give a general clue to help a DUMBFUCK out:

Start with everything that has ever occurred in a DUMBFUCK’S miserable life. Separate this list by things that were not its fault, and things that were.  Discard the short list.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “#Cluebat 2”

  1. I a bit perplexed at Bill's insistence that HZIC is 'hiding' under the porch. What is it that he would be hiding from? Well, Bill would have us believe that HE is who HZIC is hiding from and that is where my confusion comes from.

    Bill has sworn on penalty of perjury several times that Grady = Krendler.

    Bill has twice had the chance to face Grady in court for Peace Orders. Both times Bill went running in fear and refused to face him. Now to me that doesn't sound like anyone but Bill is hiding in fear under the porch.

    Bill then sued Grady/Krendler, I think, 3 different times in Federal and State court. In each case when Bill could have faced G/K in court it was Bill that pleaded to have his suit dismissed as he ran back to the Tincasa to hide in the closet in fear. Hell, the last time he ran all the way to Wisco to hid out from having to face his IMP perjury.

    So I'm sure you can see why I'm confused. Bill has a demonstrated time after time that he runs in fear each and every time he has even the remotest chance of actually coming face to face with the man he swears is Krendler, but somehow in opposite land, this somehow makes Krendler the coward.

    Or maybe I haven't had enough 'cream soda' to fully understand Bill's logic.

    1. It's called "projection".

      Try this exercise:

      Every time Cousin Bill says something that makes *NO* sense, change the offending phrase so that it is about Cousin Bill:

      "I see youmyself as an amusing study in non-violent social pathology. There is no filth youI will not dip into to cause revulsion."

      See? A little FIFY-action, and the confusion melts away like rime before the sunlight!

      1. I'm wondering why he's suddenly seizing on the (not new or novel) GS-13 hilarity.

        Perchance, did anybody contact the fed.gov and do a FOIA on his application/job duties? Roy?

      2. That was particularly noticeable with his comments about John Hoge. Every time BS would badmouth John, the comments were so far from applicable. But if you turned them around they made perfect sense.

      3. Avenger, I'm a busy and curious guy, with plenty of ready funds, a couple of lawyers on my staff, and an abiding interest in seeing Cousin Bill brought to justice.

        FOIA is easy, once you get just *how* to ask the questions.

        So...could be.

    2. To be fair, while BS did run away from two of federal suits he filed against the HZIC, the third federal suit (Schmalfeldt v. Johnson, et al.) was dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. The state suit (Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al.) was dismissed against Krendler and the other out-of-state defendants for lack of personal jurisdiction and dismissed against me for improper venue.

      1. Good to keep the record straight, and you've been more than fair with Cousin Bill, John.

        Are you ready to accept the offer I made at the last f2f, or do you need more time? Have you reviewed the papers with a lawyer?

      2. Great, I'll get everything signed on my end with the other partners, and FedEx the packet to arrive Monday.

        We'll have some fun, and make some money, too. 😉

  2. It seems Inspector IrishSunglasses was on the verge of another faild0x. Now the tweet and blog post is gone?

    He says he likes the smell of fear? Poor Gail's eye sockets.


  3. He' sued me twice for saying that he makes child porn while making more child porn, well, well well, lying to the federal courts, is going to go over well, cause they just love them some child porn producers who think they are clever

    Big man picking on the Stranahans, again, maybe he will keep it up and get yet another restraining order in Texas now that he has had six in three states

    Now that the "magic" server for his friends has "disappeared" like ALL his own online blog writings, wonder who's got his back?

    I wonder why Karoli doesn't follow him, oh that's right she hates jail

    Wonder what Peter thought of his dad's latest rape fantasy?.


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