Blast From The Past

Was cleaning up some image libraries and ran across this one from not long ago…

6-24-2015 3-58-51 PM

I wonder what itthinks now.

Methinks (Oh, STFU!) I think it is now, ever has been, and ever shall be, a pretentious DUMBFUCK idiot.  Because now, thanks to fatal flaws and res judicata, it will always doubt what itthought was correct. Never will itknow.

Only Roy and I know for sure.


10-1-2015 5-13-58 PM

Maybe it could send sissy out to the Speedway for a big bag of ice…between the whiskey and the monkeydancing, it might not have enough in the prison cell to ease the pain in its poor, mistreated testiclefeet.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Blast From The Past”

  1. Yes, that was hysterical. There is no obligation to answer a complaint PREMATURELY. How much DUMB can a DUMBFUCK FUCK? In certain cases, the answer seems to lie in the transfinite realm studied by Georg Cantor.

    And, of course, the DUMBFUCK plaintiff moved to dismiss his own complaint WITH PREJUDICE despite receiving not one legally binding concession from the defendants. Failure could not have been more total.

  2. Oh, and Witless Willie misunderstands the difference between standards of proof in a civil case and a criminal case. The Witless one was bringing a CIVIL case, in which he had to win only by a preponderance of the evidence, not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. No case has a standard as high as evidence "beyond a shadow of a doubt." Some people are stupid; some people lie, and some people lie stupidly.

  3. Heh, all I see is a nasty, unwashed mixed breed with a bulgy nasty set; straining at the end of a 3/4" weld-link chain, in a worn out patch of hard-pan; foaming and baying at the poorly groomed, neutered cocka-poo mis-breed being dragged around the neighborhood by it's androgynous; obese chain-smoking master/mistress; to do it's 'business' in some other upstanding citizen's lawn.

    1. Welcome to Gus' punctuation emporium; where comma splices and run-ons are always half-price.

      1. Lissen, iffen youse doan stop undercutting dem otters, ey'll repert youse to PITA bred.


    11. There's also a DUMBFUCK who insists on talking to himself in public that has a history of introducing our host's words as gospel truth in courts of law a every opportunity until, y'know, he gets tired.

  5. Well,that's been its problem. It believes it can think. It doesn't and is not capable. But its fun to watch it try.

    1. That's why it so funny watching it declaim "Abstract thought" at the top of it's lungs when you absolutely know it gets lost in those woods after passing the first tree every time.

      (psst, GS13 Dumbfuck: that there is what's called a "metaphor")

  6. Anyone, anywhere, ever who actually uses the word methinks and is not in fact a cast member of either a Renaissance festival or a medieval dinner theater company should treated to an all expenses paid re-enactment of some of that periods finer torture executions. I would select breaking on the wheel for this one if I had a say in the matter.

  7. I've long questioned whether Bill recognizes his stupidity. Maybe he is so damn stupid that he doesn't understand that his butthurt is caused by doing the exact things he orders everyone else not to do. Maybe he does know how stupid he is and just doesn't care since his excellent friend wound him up and pointed him a specific direction.

    All I know for sure is World's Most Stupid Man™

    1. He's clueless.

      Was always the one pranked when we were kids.

      Last picked for any activity.

      Joined the Navy to get out of a situation where no one would hire him. Twice.

      One long and boring tale of fail after fail after... Well, you get the idea.

      Just thinking about it make me grin, particularly when I cogitate on how much of it I caused or enabled. For revenge, you see, for someone who couldn't get revenge for what Bill did.


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