"You Know How I Know You're An Idiot?"

So here’s a quote from this safe-linked post that provides positive proof that DUMBFUCK is a DUMB, DUMB, DUMBFUCK:


If a DUMBFUCK would like a brief but thorough education of WHY it is such a DUMBFUCK, it could leave a comment in SPAM HELL.  Depending on the quality of the comment, I would approve it, and then explain its DUMBFUCKERY in small words so it may perhaps retain a fraction of the explanation in its hippo butt leech brain, before purging it with a triple shot of Johnnie Red and returning to Cub Scout fantasies.

This offer expires at an arbitrary time of my choosing, but not before 10:00 PM Eastern time, September 10th, 2015.

The Zombies are welcome to jump in at their pleasure to explain anytime.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

35 thoughts on “"You Know How I Know You're An Idiot?"”

  1. Bill is yet another idiot with no concept of what the first amendment actually says, and guarantees.

    Here's a clue, idiot: Hoge is not the government.

    I leave you to figure the rest out yourself.

  2. Where to begin?

    Consider how the First Amendment begins: "Congress shall make no law ..." The amendment limits the power of the government (the Fourteenth Amendment binds the Bill of Rights on the states as well). Thus, we don't have "First Amendment" rights with respect to non-state actors.

    The freedom of speech clause generally prohibits the state from censoring or requiring speech. The freedom the press clause generally prohibits the state from censoring or requiring content in a publication. Thus, those of us who run blogs are pretty much free to write what we want (barring threats or defamation), and we are free to make editorial choices about the content of our blogs. That means that we do not have to allow our blogs to serve as soap boxes for anyone else. If someone writes something erroneous about me, I have the right to correct the record on my own blog. I don't have any right of access to his.

    The Cabin Boy™ is free to tweet and blog on his own accounts. His access to other peoples' bandwidth is a gift those folks are not obliged to give him. In the case of Hogewash!, he's allowed to post comments from time to time in order to make a bigger fool of himself. If he wants to play with the grownups in the marketplace of ideas, he should find a way to develop his own blog or Twitter account with a real following.

  3. I wonder why he bans people on his twitter feed for having opposing views - especially on child rape fantasies

    Did you know that one of the owners of the place he is staying has a direct relative that is a child protection advocate - oh yes - oh yes - oh yes

  4. One need look no further than its total and complete misunderstanding of the "first amendment", and how it applies to online discussions.

    Clues for the Clueless One:

    -the Bill of Rights restricts the government, not private citizens.

    - the Bill of Rights grants nothing to citizens.

    - the Bill of Rights has nothing to do with our little exercise in dumbfuckery and counter-dumbfuckery.

    1. My question is, does the Beast's insufficiently defined Bill of Schmalfeldt Rights apply to you in the same way it does to him?

      Or is it a Bill of Bill Schmalfeldt Rights only?

      1. Oh, well all know it's a Bill of Bill Schmalfeldt Rights only. After all, he takes his stuff private alllll the time. And insists that you register with him to post a comment. And then bitches when people don't want to register with him. lolz

  5. A quiet community was disturbed
    by a walking sniffer of turds

    who arrived in their village cafeteria
    a writer of fantasies enjoyed by bacteria

    They don't understand his lack of décor
    as females to him are nothing but whores

    They don't know he's is really not sick
    as sick as some with a disease that sticks

    He will keep saying he's a hero
    not knowing his rating was zero

    Who wore more ribbons
    than he was awarded

    But they are not aware
    that AB had reported

    That he only had two
    that's not even a few

    So he blamed others with glee
    but showed he can flee

    From his failsuits in court
    with a snorted retort

    The man has no shame
    and really no fame

    For writers of raping
    small children are awarded

    A lifetime of scorn
    for writing such porn

    Now he claims, he is living free
    not so fast there fat one,
    there is a busy bee

      1. to rhyme with slime
        leaves nothing to divine

        Its hard to understand
        how he never was a man

    1. They are getting more and more polished, good sir! Keep on working up and eventually you'll be able to do this in iambic pentameter, if you wish to torture your brain enough. If. I know I'm not that masochistic myself, so I won't demand it of you. lol

      But I might try a limerick or two. Hmmmmmmm....

      1. There once was a man name of Billy,
        Whose thoughts about rights was so silly,
        He said "You must let me in!"
        And John said "No, you're too dim."
        We had a laugh that was a dilly.

    1. Be specific, Dave.

      Can he not post comments?

      Can he not make a bigger fool of himself?

      I suggest that each is not only possible, but certain. I also embrace the power of AND, and state that both are not only certain but MANDATORY.

      Because Monkeydance

      1. I believe Dave is taking the position that Witless Willie has already achieved the pinnacle of DUMBFUCKNESS and so cannot surpass himself. The logic is impeccable given Dave's premise, which is, admittedly, plausible.

        I, however, do not personally accept that premise. No, I believe that Bumbling Bill has even greater depths of ineptitude to display. For example, the non-tranny incident would have been superior had it been a tranny. For another example, the urn would have been superior if the clock had had a DOOM setting. And the LOLsuit had no mention of Team Themis and failed to allege that Hoge is Grady who is Krendler. (Hoge commutes to Illinois.)

        I have confidence that DUMBFUCK can indeed become a still yet DUMBERFUCK.

      2. "and failed to allege that Hoge is Grady who is Krendler"

        He has failed so far to allege that Krendler is I, or that I am Krendler. But there is still time...

      3. Ah, but yesterday I had the rare privilege of being "Roy Grady". And a fine day it was...

        Sadly for Cousin Bill, I'm back to being Roy Schmalfeldt, as I am every day; Self-made entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, patriarch of the respectable Schmalfeldts, a man known and beloved for his charity to the community, owner of multiple homes in desirable locales, and proudly married to the "Rule 5 Wife", Mrs. Roy Schmalfeldt, an accomplished woman in her chosen field, with a beauty and grace appreciated by all who know her.

        If my life were any better, I'd have to be twins!

      4. "but yesterday I had the rare privilege of being “Roy Grady”. And a fine day it was…"

        Well, for Patrick it certainly was....

        "patriarch of the respectable Schmalfeldts"

        Different part of the clan from Bill, then? 🙂

  6. I started to fisk that post by Bill, and then I realized: Why bother? He is too dumb to understand it, and you all know he is stupid and why he is wrong.

    Just in case, though: Commenting on someone's blog is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. One which he has shown he doesn't deserve.

  7. He has the right to publish his "correction", he doesn't have the right to force someone else to.

    1. Which wasn't even a correction. It was an excuse. Virtually nobody reads that blog because it contains nothing that is new and intelligent so it is "unfair, mommy," to point out that it is virtually unread.


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