This Week, a "VERY SPECIAL" Two Part Episode of "The Schmycle…"

It’s time for another monkey dance by Above-It-All-Bill!

Look for variations on:

  • The “I Don’t Care About agiledog” Waltz!
  • The “Peace Order Won’t Stop Me” Polka!
  • The “No Order Of Restraint Has Ever Been Granted Except By Lies” Jitterbug!
  • The “I Banish All Trolls” Tango!
  • The “Who Published The Photo?” Boogie Woogie!
  • The Paso Doble of “Promises Not Threats!”
  • The “Krendler Is Irrelevant” Cha Cha Cha!

These, and many more, coming up after these messages from our sponsors, Ball Park Franks, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Depends, and Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Don’t touch that dial!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

38 thoughts on “This Week, a "VERY SPECIAL" Two Part Episode of "The Schmycle…"”

    1. Why in God's name would anyone put mayo on a good hotdog (I'm thinking Hebrew National or one of the deli-counter brands)?

      I prefer a good brown mustard and maybe some sweet pickle relish.

      1. Because it tastes good! I love mayonnaise with a good Hebrew National personally. Then again, I don't do mustard unless we are talking as a dip for Scotch Eggs, and then it has to be Coleman's mustard, nothing else.

  1. You forgot to mention the

    "Running away in terrified rivers of fear pee" Two Step. I hear that is one of his most favorite dances.

  2. Bill would have to catch a train TODAY to make it to Boston in time for the hearing on Wednesday. It takes over 27 hours to travel from Milwaukee to Boston by train, and the earliest train in doesn't get him in early enough, so he'd have to arrive the evening before. Which means he has to leave today. And then hang out either in Boston or here overnight. It would be real tough for him to get a hotel here, and you don't hail a cab around here. You call the cab company and they send one over 30 minutes or so later, IF someone is available. And I'm not even gonna tell him the trouble he'll have getting from Boston to Ayer.

    Such a trip round trip will cost $500 or more JUST in trains and taxi, and round trip travel time is close to 5 days, given that you just can't hop a train between Milwaukee and Boston like it was a subway.

    Of course, I guess he could pay for Brett to join him, and they could rent a car. That will almost triple the cost, but hey, he can afford that lawyer with the investigative team, right? Hiring a driver and a car is cheap compared to that.

    1. I will draw your attention to paragraph 15 of the first amended complaint of Schmalfeld vs. Grady. You need to bring a copy of the whole case with you--helpfully point out paragraph 15 to the judge--and the final order.

      15. Once again, despite the snarky motions of Defendant Grady, venue is appropriate here under 28 USC g 1391 in that the harassment, emotional distress, false light invasion of privacy and all other allegations occurred to Plaintiff while residing in the State of Maryland, Plaintiff has opened a complaint with the Howard County Police against Defendant Grady, alleging extortion. (Case 414-62842) On June 30, Plaintiff sent an e-mail to Carroll County Police and WJJ Hoge III, He sent the same e-mail to Codendanant Hinckley's wife. The e-mail contained a photo oFPlaintiff's dying wife, taken on June 2. On July 1, Defendant Grady's blog contained an extortionate threat to spread the picture all over the Internet. This is an unpublished photo, sent to Mr. Hinckley, law enforcement, and Mr. Hoge. It is clear that either Defendant Hinckley or non-party Hoge sent the photo to Defendant.

      If it was me I would file in fed court for a permanent injunction against bs to enforce the final order in that case.

      Bill has no claims against PK, agiledog concerning the photo.

      Res judicata rules!!

      Ain't life a bitch.

  3. I see Bill has deleted all tweets referencing me as "Doggie Style" or just plain "Doggie". Too bad the internet is forever. The judge will love seeing those juvenile attempts at taunts and threats.

    1. Not to mention saying his next contact will be by counsel, no, I mean the next one, no the next one after this, ad infinitum ad nauseum, but once he says he has counsel, he has NO legal reason to contact the guy with the no contact request.

      TL;DR: Bill, you fucked up. Again. This week. In a new and different way. No, I won't explain it, I already did.

      It's like handing Helen Keller a golf ball and telling her to read it.

      1. Someone gave her a cheese grater, and she said it was the most violent novel she'd ever read.

  4. AD, what amazes me, even after all the recurrences, is: (a) the obvious implication of a deletion, namely that what was deleted was shameful or at least unwise, continually escapes him, and (b) the futility of deletion likewise escapes him.

    1. It is his drinking and impulse control problems. He just blurts out this crap, and in moments of sanity/sobriety a few days later, he goes and tries to hides his behavior.

      The fact that he has never been held accountable for it before in a court of law is why it keeps happening.

  5. Oh and Krendler forgot some of the older dances

    The Trembling Twostep

    The Crybaby Charleston

    The Fecal Black Bottom

  6. Shouldn't The “Who Published The Photo?” Boogie Woogie! actually be The “Who Sent The Photo to Krendler?” Boogie Woogie! (?)

    1. I have a blog, a non-court exhibit of the photo in question, a blog and outside the jurisdiction of American copyright law .....

      Just leaving that out there.

        1. Firstly, I'm not sure that I can. Second, I believe in working for getting what you say that you want.

          And we all know that William LOVES him some hard work!

      1. And why in the fuck would I go to Milwaukee voluntarily? I'm not going to deny my Laverne and Shirley fetish, but it's hardly that strong.

        1. I quite enjoyed Chicago, but Milwaukee ... no. It's historical hospitality for cannibalism might be the nicest thing about Wisconsin. Besides, who can trust anyone who elects a governor that has no idea how he went bald?

          And that fucking placed killed the great Stevie Ray Vaughan, for which I will never forgive it.


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