This Is The Stuff That Keeps Me Hanging Around

9-24-2015 10-04-15 AM

I don’t know CJ Pearson except from the news.  I don’t know Ali Akbar except from what I see online, and I know he never seeks contact with DUMBFUCKS.

So when I say

If it bothers anyone else, even somebody I don’t know or care about, the beat goes on.

I am not kidding.

Because the only creatures who don’t like a 13 year old who gets under President Reservoir Tip’s (h/t Dennis Miller via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit) thin skin are thinner skinned 60 year old DUMBFUCKS without the sack to admit that CJ Pearson is braver, wiser and more articulate at 13 than it has ever been in its miserable life.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “This Is The Stuff That Keeps Me Hanging Around”

  1. Didn't he just ask for the battle to be over and for people to leave him alone?

    I guess that just blasted the "leave me alone" request right out of the water.

  2. Speaking of wanting to be left alone.....

    Taking odds for the Sept. 30th hearing.

    1. Bill shows up, steps on his dick and is beaten once again like a baby seal.

    2. Bill says he is going but never shows up, then goes on and on and on and on about how he is done with this, Scott can have his stinking restraining order, etc

    3. Bill shows up and through his masterful grasp of legal minutia wins a convincing victory.

    My predictions are

    1 - 20%
    2 - 79.9 %
    3 - .1%

    1. You forgot the option of running away like the coward it is and then explaining it is not a coward because it "chose" not to attend. Riiiiiight. There is also the HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE variation/corollary of "he didn't tell me he changed his mind [because I violated an agreement] and he decided to pursue it anyway."

      1. That was implied by the "etc" since that seems to be his favored reaction to actually having to face someone that terrifies him in court. See Schmalfail vs Grady

    2. Does choice '1' include 'trying to do an appearance by telephone'? I don't think the odds are as high as choice '2', but I'd put a couple of bucks on it just for fun.

    3. While I'm putting my money on #2, I'm leaving the possibility open for option #4 - that the judge decides that sending threatening emails to someone just doesn't fit the bill of what Massachussets calls the terms of harassment for a restraining order. Because, lest we all forget, Maryland. I'm cynical that way.

      1. Massachusetts is a judicial cesspool. Lifetime appointments, no experience necessary. There is one Family and Probate Court judge who was elevated to his lofty position from Building Inspector. It's who you know and not much else.

    4. Wow. You give #3 that high a chance? You planning on slipping into an alternate reality?

      1. But Attorney Scott McEwen's investigative team is already on the case! Bill said that crack team would be right on it, if I didn't turn over Krendler RIGHT NOW!

  3. I love how a 60 year old white man is opining about what a 13 year old black kid should be doing with his life.

    I think the Leftists call that "white-splaining" ...

    1. The kid should just shut up and take clock components out its casing and place it in a suitcase to impress their engineering teachers!!!

  4. His continuing Johnny Walker Red bender, in conjunction with massive fear pee causes him to be unconscious until 1600 and miss the hearing.

    Collect all 57.


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