"That's Not Mine!!"

9-16-2015 9-14-36 AM

It’s, uh…MY SISTER’S!  YEAH!

My sister brought that!  I didn’t drink ANY OF IT!  Not a drop! Cuz…I’m not allowed!


Yeah, my sister bought it…and drank half a bottle…and then drove home.  Cuz she’s responsible!!

And she left it here for when she comes back.  Because she knows I can control myself!

I’d take a picture of it to show it’s at exactly the same level now as it was before…but, uhh…my webcam is broken.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

20 thoughts on “"That's Not Mine!!"”

  1. Speaking of the time the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt spent in the military...

    ... not only do pictures BS has posted of himself in uniform not match up with his awards (or, lack thereof) documented in his DD-214s (things that make ya go *hmmm*)...

    ... here we have in the gubmint leech's own words exactly how he spent his time in the Navy:


    ... the fat, lazy, dishonorable bastard was hiding behind a closed hatch screwing off, and making up ridiculous lies and excuses to get out of any-and-all work detail -- you know... as opposed to ACTUALLY SERVING HIS COUNTRY.

    Also of note is the very first paragraph where he is clearly blogging on the taxpayer's dime while working at the NIH... something he did FREQUENTLY along with making THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of blog and forum comments while "working" as a Federal employee.

    There are also numerous blog posts of his out there complaining and whining and bitching about his daily commute to his "job" at the NIH. Ya gotta wonder how much of his working from home right before he managed to worm out of working altogether and get on da disability for the rest of his miserable, worthless life was due to his early, early, early Parkinson's Disease symptoms VERSUS the fact that BILL SCHMALFELDT is just a slimy snake who will do and say whatever is necessary to get out of working and be able to always-and-forever be dependent on responsible, hardworking, and honorable people.

    What a disgusting creature.

    1. I'm still pissed that the poor excuse for a human decided to take disability payment for a bum knee that his own clumsy ass injured. At a time when Vietnam vets, real ones like Mr. Hoge, needed every cent the VA could get them for their injuries there was Bill sucking the govt tit for his 'disability' that didn't keep him from any job. He sat on his fat ass behind desks. Hell, he even managed to be a truck driver. Knee didn't seem to be a problem at all, but Bill still takes the dough every month. What a loser. But I guess we have to remember he is best buds with a pedo drug dealer who admitted to sabotaging military equipment. So I guess Bill has no pride AND no honor.

      You really have to wonder what happened in his childhood that made him suck a feckless lazy dependent son of a bitch.

  2. "I lied about my military service, even posting documents HE SPENT MONEY FOR which prove I am not lying about my military service [...]"


    Well that document says that national Personnel Records Center went through all your files they have and found you are entitled to two medals and two medals only.


    And Operation DOWNFALL already went over how you second enlistment DD 214 contained all the awards from your first enlistment DD 214 (National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct medal) as well as the one award you earned on your second enlistment (an additional Good Conduct Medal). And how it was proved that the dates of service would not have allowed him to earn the NDSM on his second enlistment, that the personnel clerk transcribed his first enlistment DD 214 to his second enlistment DD 214 and when pressed on the issue Bill suddenly couldn't produce a copy of the questionable DD 214 (conveniently).

    And of course there are the pictures of you wearing awards you were not awarded which you claim cannot possibly happen while on active duty --

    Like a Marine Corps Sergeant Major doing it (http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=58891) or..... an Army Lieutenant Colonel doing it (http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=57431).... or an Army Command Sergeant Major doing it (http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=59142)....

    No... a man who has fabricated stories for whole sections of his life and always has the "quick" answer for why something is not his fault (always dodging responsibility for his actions!) and has been shown to be a compulsive liar (it's creme soda not Johnny Walker red label!), who even throws his sister under the bus now (she came over and drank half a bottle and then I let her drive home because...LOVE!) should not be believed.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is a habitual liar and cannot keep his stories straight and so he must dance like a monkey.

    *throws a penny* So dance you disgusting ape.

      1. All NPRC Form 13164 have that block filled out the same way and it DOES NOT mean he went to a court martial.

  3. "And besides, it's not like I'm going unharassed."

    Once again, the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt proves he just doesn't understand that words actually mean things.

    BS is being HARASSED?


  4. "that copyrighted photo of my wife in the hospital that I sent to Scottie Hinckley (agiledog) and his wife"

    Oh, so he sent it to BOTH of us now? So my wife didn't give it to me, and he now has no claim WHATSOEVER against her, by his own admission? Another one bites the dust. (I know, I know. Communications between a husband and wife are privileged - he had no claim before. But now he shows he doesn't even remember who he sent it to.)

    "to show that it was a real human being they were mocking ..." They? My wife has never mocked any Schmalfeldt (well, not in public anyways). Another lie from Mr. William M Schmalfeldt Sr, serial liar, failed litigant, self-proclaimed Deranged Cyberstalker, and all-around internet fail.


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