Stormed The Beaches of Beirut?

9-29-2015 10-06-48 AM

Do I win?

UPDATE:  9-29-2015 11-07-34 AM

But, but, but…LEE STRANAHAN IS A DIRTY PIMP and a request for a DD-214 from NPRC will clear all of this up, won’t it?

“If you can’t win with the truth, you lose.” As long as it’s convenient.

UPDATE II:  9-29-2015 12-08-06 PM

I don’t have to wonder why it so hates being reminded of its lies…it so loves to repeat them all by itself.

“If you can’t win with the truth, you lose.”  Except if you’re a DUMBFUCK.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Stormed The Beaches of Beirut?”

  1. I like how he keeps saying his Stolen Valor has been disproved -- Team Free Speech produces NPRC documents and official records detailing his lies.

    Team DUMBFUCK just keeps saying "DISPROVED!" over and over and trying to change the subject.

  2. So what time tomorrow is Belligerent Bill the Bumptious Blowhard due in court?

    I hope someone will be reporting on his arguments and their reception. (I know: some doubt whether he will show up, but I have confidence that THIS TIME he cannot wait to have his day in court and confirm that Krendler is Grady.) It's a pity that I cannot be there to hear his arguments about intentional infliction of emotional distress, the intersection of the laws of copyright and harassment, the irrelevance of res judicata, venue and jurisdiction.

    1. Krendler is not Grady. Krendler has never been Grady. Krendler will never be Grady.

      DUMBFUCK, on the other hand, has been wrong before...many times. It is wrong right now...about many things. And it will be wrong again tomorrow about something new.

    2. The paperwork says 9:00 AM. He won't likely be there in person. He somehow thinks his arguments are going to be heard in court, anyways.

  3. I also like how he just claims the 'rape threat' is a lie.

    Let's see...Bill's buddy posts a message that Lee should be raped and asks if she should tell people where he lives. Bill then helpfully answers that post by posting a picture of Lee's house including the address. Only a DUMBFUCK like Bill would think that doesn't constitute a threat.


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