Real Life Intrudes on "Real Life"

9-30-2015 4-49-45 PM

Don’t go away mad…just go away.

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I should be scared of a DUMBFUCK filing an irreparably and fatally flawed lawsuit it will only dismiss?  A peace order it won’t show up for?  Is it going to toss mayo-slathered weenies over my castle wall? I have taken the precaution of training the Rottweilers to be extra vicious when they smell that.

Still, my advice to a special snowflake DUMBFUCK who wants to bitch about people criticizing its obvious odious genius without listening to its offering in full:

9-30-2015 4-51-03 PM

Try to remember when you gave it away for free.  DUMBFUCK.

Tell your story nutshufflin’.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Real Life Intrudes on "Real Life"”

    1. I know, right?

      Never reveal who you really are. You better pray to whatever God you worship I never find out who you are. You better keep your heads down. Who's Krendler? Who's Howard? Who's Grace?

      Blah. Blah. Blah. *yawn*

  1. Does he think he's another Dickie Goodman? Because he's not. He's certainly a dick, but not a good man.

  2. I hope someone is going to give more than hints about how today went down. I don't mean the result; I mean some details about the process. It sounds as though Witless Willie (or one of his even stupider buds) sent some emails to the judge that surprisingly were not helpful.

    And Balless Bill the Blustering Blowhard is not going to persuade anyone that being the recipient of restraining orders from four different states shows that those requesting the orders were cowards. It shows that judges in four different states found Butthurt Bill to be so disturbingly disgusting that normal people have a right to be free of contact from him. Will his buddies say that restraining orders from four states demonstrate that the people he has harassed are cowards? Possibly they will lie to salve his inflated, sensitive delusions of being fully human. But even they are not so stupid as to believe those lies.

    Let me give some examples of what it is to be a cowardly fool. A cowardly fool is someone who fails to show up at a hearing where he is the plaintiff. A cowardly fool is someone who does not diligently prosecute a suit for defamation after being accused of rape by a self-described member of his own extended family. A cowardly fool is someone who distributes a disgusting picture of a semi-corpse to numerous others so that he can threaten to sue for violation of copyright when said photograph shows up in court exhibits. Now he may not be so stupid as any of his pals, some of whom are so mind numbingly stupid as to have spent years in the pokey, but Witless Willie is more than fool enough to qualify as a DUMBFUCK extraordinaire

    1. Jeff, the first time they called for the hearing, the court wasn't sure they had any proof that Bill had received notification. After dispensing with another few cases, they called this case again. The court now had found the documents that they said were submitted by Bill (via email). As I had not yet had a chance to see them, they lent me the three documents they had - I was prevented from leaving the courtroom with them, as they were the court's copies. After they processed a few more cases, the hearing was called again. The judge reviewed the documents, the exhibits I had, and then listened to some of my presentation. She stopped me before I was finished, and granted the extension of the order.

      The three documents allegedly submitted by Bill were A) one of my exhibits from my counterclaim (how that helped him, I don't know), B) what seemed like an email from Bill attempting to verify that they had received his primary response (I didn't pay too much attention to this doc), and C) Bill's response, that looked like it was copied to email address whoisnumbernone, and then that person cc'd back to the court, with comments that weren't helpful to Bill's case. As I don't have actual copies of the documents (yet - I will look into getting copies), I can't give you accurate quotes from Bill's documents. I can tell you I spotted at least two easily provable lies in Bill's document. (He never seems to learn about truth in court documents.) You can imagine that those were not a help to his case.

      1. I would love to see the "helpful" comments Bill's "most excellent friend" and cab driver made about Bill's "earnest desire" to see "justice done" for the many wrongs (hey, 2x many wrongs makes x rights, and we've been right a lot, that is a lot of wrongs) done unto William Schmalfeldt, DF, Order of the Cowardly Lion, and known throughout the navy as "Bill, the not quite so brave as Sir Robin" although I personally think he would easily have matched Sir Robin's courage at the Battle of Badon Hill.

      2. Thanks AD. I do not twitter so I miss a lot. I can count on Bill being foolish, but appreciating the degree of foolishness requires context.

        Very interesting about the cc. Now I do not believe that it is a certainty that whoisnumbernone is a single person, but it is interesting to contemplate why Witless Willie is sending court responses to that address and why that address feels a need to forward them to the court. I can suggest several suppositions, but I have no evidence to back what is mere speculation.

        I wonder (without any factual knowledge): does A accuse B of having C draft papers for B because of A's experience of having D draft papers for A. If that is true (and I have absolutely no evidence that it is), then A is a clear fool for letting a perpetually losing tool like D draft papers.

  3. I'm sure the court would not be very impressed by unsourced comments from an anonymous individual calling himself "whoisnumbernone".

    Was there no other name, pseudonym or signature on the comments to the court from "whoisnumberone"?


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