6 thoughts on “Oh, Really?”

  1. Oh, Weeping Willie is in Begging Bill mode today. He is just a "crip." Boo fucking hoo.

    Now, if he means to say that he is a moral cripple, I shall certainly not dispute his own self-assessment. But that merely justifies curbstomping him virtually. (I am opposed to any physical response, whether or not he has any physical disabilities.)

    But, no, he wants us to believe that (a) he is a physical cripple (which may or may not be true), and (b) exposure of his numerous moral and intellectual failures represents physical abuse (absurd). (He will now have a tantrum because I do not assume that he invariably tells the truth: I am under no obligation to believe anything he says.)

    It doesn't work that way, Willie: even if you are as physically helpless as a syphilitic sea slug, that does not give you a pass to be a malignant dumbfuck. You are not being mocked for your physical ills, but for your persistent failures in thought and morals.

    1. Has Schmalfeldt had anything unfavorable to say about Kimberlin's persecution of Mandy Nagy? Yeah, I didn't think so.

  2. Did he not read and understand the legal declaimer in the last paragraph? Why is he getting butt-hurt over a work of fiction?

  3. Ooooh, Hoge has sadz. Is only 18.7+ MILLION higher that PatOmb, how will he show his face?

    As opposed to how does Bill show his face? Easy, only Hoge and Krendler readers recognize it.


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