20 thoughts on “Imma Just Leave This Right Here”

  1. He must be talking about his sister, right? The professional dog walker and groomer? How ... nasty.

    1. What makes him think that he can ask that when the hearing will only be about his harassment of Scott and wife? Judge won't allow a fishing expedition.

      But being a DUMBFUCK and having repeated his threat to get people under oath and make them bend to his will before with nothing but humiliating results, you'd think he would have learned. Oh, forgot....DUMBFUCK.

      1. By the way, where is this hearing being held? Witless Willie tends not to show up if it is inconvenient.

    2. You have to admit, he's been right every other time he's been sure he'd get an answer under oath....

  2. Acme Law's strategy:

    Lawyer Extradordinaire: Who is Paul Krendler?

    AD: Irrelevant.

    LE: It is absolutely relevant, your Honor. My client sent the picture to AD's wife so that she would be upset, which would motivate AD to send the picture to Paul Krendler. My client's only purpose in harassing AD's wife was to identify Paul Krendler.

    Judge: Let me see if I get this. Your client sued a Mr. Grady for being Paul Krendler, and your client admits to harassing this woman because he had no knowledge whether he had sued the right person?

    LE: We KNEW you would understand your Honor

    1. Bill: (says nothing, looks bored.)

      LE: But we know AD sent the pic to Krendler. He's the only person who could have.

      AD: You mean, aside from WJJH, multiple LEOs and whoever else you may have email it to in a JWR-fueled blackout drunk? Not to mention everyone ELSE at my wife's company? Unsolicited?

      LE: You're a big poopy head!

      Bill: (head perks up) How big? Can I sniff it?

  3. Who is Krendler? How would AD know? Whomever sent the photo has no need to know who PK is. An email to PK can contain the photo, and not reveal who PK is. For all any of us know, Bill sent the photo, unwittingly (it's Bill) directly to the person that is PK. Maybe one of the many other people that Bill sent the photo too. Who knows, maybe someone IN law enforcement.

      1. You know, that would make for an interesting story.

        An offensive, toxic internet troll suffers from such cognitive dissonance in his behavior that he develops dissociative personality disorder. His 'second' persona, while he can't take over, invariably works to mitigate or sabotage the troll's efforts to spread unhappiness.

    1. A google search for [picture gail schmalfeldt] this morning returns, on the first page, seven images of her in a hospital bed. One of them is the image in question. All the rest of them were published by William M. Schmalfeldt Sr. - why should anyone, including the courts, assume there was anything different about how this image got on the internet?

    2. Maybe someone or organization doing a "man in the middle" surveillance of BS sent it to PK. A certain gap toothed person come to mind.


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