I Was Told There Would Be No Math

Question Time:

Suppose a train leaves Milwaukee at 3:10 PM headed for Boston and a DUMBFUCK is not on it.

How many times would a pedobombing chauffeur have to stop and charge his Prius to travel from Bethesda to Milwaukee to Ayer, MA then back to Bethesda by way of Milwaukee again?

Do the passenger side springs, shocks and struts need to be replaced?   Would your answer change if on the return trip the total weight was increased by one Massachusetts court order?

Please show all work.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “I Was Told There Would Be No Math”

  1. New Math, or as you Americans call it, Common Core.

    If the mathematical probability of a DUMBFUCK'S sister driving it from Wisconsin to Massachusetts when the sister resents even taking a DUMBFUCK to the liquor store for its cut-rate scotch is "x."

    What is "x"?

      1. If you're on welfare, I'm sure it'll do. A modern gentleman drinks nothing short of black.

    1. What are the odds of the sister driving it from Wisconsin to Massachusetts, and stepping out of the courtroom "for just a minute, nature calls" getting in the car, and driving back to Wisconsin in blissful silence and fresh air?

      1. But who would walk the Wisconsin doggies while she's gone?

        You do know that she's nothing but a glorified dog walker, right?

        And how highly DUMBFUCK regards people who have chosen that profession?

      2. She's "glorified?" I am afraid to ask what extra services are required to move from ordinary dog walker to glorified dog walker.

        Wait. Wait, let me guess. Now that she is also responsible for Willie's outings, she is a cut above your ordinary dog walker.

  2. https://twitter.com/dirtyschnitzel/status/648623909315678208

    I just want to save this for when William pussies out on Wednesday

      1. As laughable a that thought it, the legally important part is they were -unwanted- and after a reasonable, received, and understood cease contact demand.

    1. What was said TO him isn't in question. Rather, that he kept contacting and harassing someone who told him to stop.

    2. Ummm, restraining orders aren't about defamation DUMBFUCK. And politely-worded emails can still be harassment when you've been told to stop.

      Someone doesn't understand the concepts under question here in the slightest. SMH

  3. William Schmalfeldt will fail to show up in person for his court appearance. He will then take to Twitter and his blog(s) to tell everyone (that would us and the Pedo "I'd hit it" Ferguson) that he just doesn't care and is above it all.


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