I have made clear before that I do not send emails to DUMBFUCKS, because – SMARTER. THAN. YOU.

However, I will, as I have in the past, share certain information.

My name is Tom.

I live in a lovely, freshly fumigated single-wide trailer that until about a month ago was both smelly and goddamn noisy.

My lawyer’s name is Ely.

So it can take its large economy sized snack bag of dicks, and “hide your heart, now…”

It calls me a pussy, as if that would make a dent.  All it means is that poor little DUMBFUCK is, freshly, every day…



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Hey, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. How many times can a guy stumble into court and fuck himself? Well infinity is looking good

  2. His argument that you are a coward because you're hiding your identity is hilarious. He can't even win against those who aren't hiding! I would think he should be careful what he wishes for.

  3. https://twitter.com/dirtyschnitzel/status/649394447311110144

    But you don't show up in court if you can avoid it, Blob. You run away like a hysterical little demented girl with your skirt over your head.

    1. Bill: "We both know, agiledog, if you had a single hair on your scrote, you'd meet me in court like a man and defend your actions."

      agiledog: "Court date is September 30 at 9am, fatso! See yah there."

      *September 30 at 9am*

      Ayer, MA Court: "Calling defendant Bill Schmalfeldt? Is Bill Schmalfedlt present?"




      1. So is Bill saying he shaves his pubes? Because he didn't show up for court on multiple occasions -- so he has no hair on his "scrote".

  4. Paul

    Sorry, but you are wrong. To be pussywhipped, you have to have some pussy in the first place, or at least be able to get some. Some of us do, and some us could, but with respect to others, it is clear that every woman has enough intelligence and self respect to stay away. With respect to those others, it is probably fair to say that they would like to be pussywhipped, but can't achieve it.

    1. Jeff, I hear his just sits on a shelf, a little dryed and flaky, but does tells the time.

    1. Tom, did those training tricks I showed you help deal with those bad behaviors Bill taught the dogs? I told you clicker training works.

  5. So Krendler is a coward for not showing up in court to face Bill. But Bill swears that Grady is Krendler and he had Grady in court. But instead of facing him Bill ran and hid behind SGotCU. Bill sued a bunch of people all who were willing to face him in court. But Bill dismissed his own case so he wouldn't have to face them. But Bill is not the coward here? Of COURSE Bill is the coward. Being a coward is the hallmark of his life. At every turn, at ever decision it's always been the cowardly way out for him.

    1. Either that or he's admitting to lying to the court about his accusation of Krendler being Grady.


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