11 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. Sorry, but there is an error in the cartoon above. "Word" is in the singular. The words in error in that single sentence start with the fourth, "writings." He means by that his attempts at writing. And the next word: he means "eviscerated," not "analyzed." As for "entirely purloined," perhaps Bumbling Bill can show us who before Krendler published the bitch slapping Witless Willie received yesterday.

  1. I find it rather amusing that someone who was never able to stay at one job for more than, what, four years?, calls others who have held management level positions for more than a decade "dim", or accuses them of having "purloined" everything they've written or otherwise produced.

    One doesn't earn a college degree, whether bachelor's, master's or doctorate level, nor does one hold a job with annual reviews awarding raises at or above the organization average every single year, (groups I suspect most if not all of the zombies and lickspittles fall into) without having functioning brains and decent interpersonal skills.

    It's becoming more and more obvious why the troll never took any college courses:
    A) he doesn't have the native intellectual ability to pass most of them
    B) he doesn't have the humility to accept instruction, especially if it's from a woman.

    1. Cousin Bill's life has been a continuous disaster, and the outward manifestation of the realization of failure is his hatred towards anyone and everyone who belongs to the classes that have "embarrassed" him:

      Women, college graduates, management, people of non-emoting political bent, people of color, the list just goes on and on and on...

      He's been reduced by his hatred to a cartoonish character, with his only "friends" being convicts, pedophiles, and people who use him for their own ends.


      1. You know, maybe he wouldn't look like a cartoon villain if he didn't act like one. I mean, he'd still look cartoon-y, but at least it wouldn't be villain-ish. Maybe just vilain-y though. Just sayin'.


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