Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

9-18-2015 1-49-11 PM

Hey, here’s an idea, DUMBFUCK…why not grab that uppity little bastard and give him the Emmett Till treatment?

You know, it’s DUMBFUCKS like it, wanting people like CJ Pearson to sit down and shut up, that led the Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act.

DUMBFUCK gotta dumbfuck after all…but it’s good that it does it where anyone can see, and point, and laugh.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I seem to remember that Bill is also fond of referring to Ali as "boy". I guess being a progressive means you don't have the hide your hatred of black men because you think your fellow progressives won't call you out on it.

    1. And sadly, in general, you'd be right. 🙁

      In one of her rants to me on why conservatives and/or Republicans (which in her mind are exactly the same) are evil, my sister was insisting that the only reason we didn't want to pay more taxes was that we didn't want our money "helping poor brown people".

      It's amazing how their own racism shows the most when they are trying to say it's someone else who's got that problem.

  2. How many funking twitter handles has DUMBFUCK used this week? No wonder he has butt-hurt, if he would lay off the branding iron maybe it would not hurt so.

  3. Media professional at work:

      1. You forgot the "air quotes" around "cream soda". 😉

        Funny, I was at the clubhouse at the golf course, yesterday, and recognized a bottle of Johnny Walker Red, behind the bar, from across the room. I'm a single-malt guy, myself, so, without discovering that it was Cousin Bill's current swill-of-choice, I never would have recognized it.

        Back from a week at the resort with the Rule Five Wife (who has a beautiful golf swing, that tiny waist gives her a huge advantage), Youngest Daughter and her fun but earnest husband (both of whom have recently completed medical degrees), their first child, Youngest Grandson (six months old, and the chubbiest, happiest baby I've ever seen - smiles, laughs, and reaches for Grandpa every time I come into sight), and Youngest son, with his Rule Five fiancé (as soon as they are wed, all my kids will be married - check that off the bucket list!). Had a great time, the weather was perfect.

        Too bad I can't golf, as I have a torn rotator cuff that won't allow such. Had to content myself with busting some rodentia at distance with my new varmint rifle I built last winter. Hit one rock chuck at 600 yards with a 40 grain VMax (MV of 4200fps in a hot hand load), a solid hit that flipped him through the air. Very satisfying, best shot of the week, particularly given the shifting winds and mirage.


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