Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

So we had this DOOM CLOCK!!! counting down over at Patriot Ombudsman…as I recall it started counting down on September 2 or 3.  This cap was pulled on the 9th.

 On that same day, John Hoge posted that all the Team Kimberlin websites, including Patriot Ombudsman, came in below many Team Free Speech websites, including, surprisingly, this one.

The owner of Patriot Ombudsman left the following comment:

Let’s review: the owner of a blog with an active, rolling DOOM CLOCK!!! says that blog is unused.


And what did we see yesterday on this UNUSED blog?

A new post?  Dated September 16?

Say it ain’t so!

Sometimes I think it just isn’t possible to reach that certain depth of stupidity without intention. A person doesn’t reach DUMBFUCK status without working at it.  U.S. Gotta pick up that shovel and DIG, man!

It’s fun to watch.

And all I have is FUN!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Thing is, BS has antagonized so many people, including some in Wisconsin, that comments on his blog and doom clocks could refer to anything: is WJJH applying for another PO? Is "Roy" from Wisconsin going to sue him? How about Chris Heather, Greg Patent, or Jeremy (?) Kinsey? There are a number of people who have been quietly biding there time, and BS has conveniently made it easier for them by moving to Wisconsin.

  2. Wait, are you telling me William M Schmalfeldt Sr. lied about something? The infamous William M Schmalfeldt Sr., formerly of Elkridge MD, now of St. Francis, WI, adjudicated harasser, self-proclaimed Deranged Cyberstalker, alleged rapist, and failed litigant, William M Schmalfeldt Sr.? That can't be! He says he never lies.

  3. Guys, guys. What Willie meant was that he was not using that blog while he made an unwelcome comment on someone else's blog so that more than one person would see his comment. His statement was true when uttered. It may have been false retrospectively, and it may have been false prospectively, but it was true when he wason Hoge's blog because, despite his speed at typing drivel, even Willie cannot comment on two blogs simultaneously (ignoring relativistic concerns about the meaning of "simultaneous.")

  4. Hey Paul. You were preternaturally silent on how Blustering Bill pretended that he recently had a reader by saying he would not post that reader's comment. I think it's cute that he has an invisible friend who leaves invisible comments. If I understand correctly, Willie invited his invisible friend for an interview on Willie's radio station, an interview that will surely captivate the audience seeing as how they are themselves invisible.

    You of course have a very visible and vocal audience, despite the fact that they are undead, but let's admit it: Willie has you beat when it comes to an audience that is tasteless, odorless, silent, invisible, and, in all ways known to science, completely undetectable.


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