Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

“Now, I’ve played enough music for my monkeys…?”

Wait a minute…

What happened to Mister “It’s Over, It’s Over, I’ve Moved On?”

This guy? 

Or is Johnnie Walker, Liquid Badass making the decisions now?

Because that’s going to end real well. I guess it really doesn’t matter which little voice in its head is calling the shots ( get it? Shots? Johnnie Walker?), they’re all gonna need new shoes…



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

4 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. "NEW RULE: If I Know Who You Are, Don’t Sling Bullshit"

    Ahem. Harasser. Stalker. Pervert.

    Cousin Bill, that's not how it works. Much as you might like to, you don't get to make the rules. We have provided uncounted worked examples of the reality of this over the past couple of years, each of which has resulted in you, in rapid retreat, fleeing with additional BUTTHURT.

    Someday, you may realize why you don't get to make the rules. You don't have the moral authority, nor the resources, to make 'em stick.

    However, as a public service, I'm sure the Zombie Horde will be happy to mock, satirize, and prank you until the day you die.

    Here's a Rule for you:

    If Bill Schmalfeldt continues to post nonsense RULES, no one is obliged to obey, but may, at their individual discretion, point, laugh, and mock, to whatever degree they feel is appropriate.

    Had a horrible summer? Prepare for an even worse fall, winter, and spring, if you can't restrain yourself.

  2. The Mayo'd one is still a liar, that will never change. I have no idea who listens to the crap choices in music. I guess we just have to continue to point and laugh at the idiot who plays music for no reason or listeners at all...he can stick his rules in his Depends to see how they work first there before trying to push them out to the public.

    He is still a sick fuck!


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