Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

When this post drops, it will have been 11 hours, 53 minutes and 29 seconds since a DUMBFUCK last visited this site.

I guess we could ask Carl DeLong or Julia Scyphers about that. Or one of its lifelong pals that it served with in HQ 32d MAU.

Oh, wait. There’s this one dumbass at NPRC in St. Louis who messed it up for everybody.


I wonder what a critical look-see into its early journomalism career out West will turn up?

Tick tock, tick tock.

Tantrums? Not unless tantrums are punctuated by hysterical belly laughs and celebrations.

I have say it’s a bit strange to be making the admin decisions for a blog where I don’t even contribute!

Strange…but fun.

And all I have is FUN!

Oh – plus a rent-free condo overlooking the non-functioning impulse control center.

  1. Not him. But I hear it already knows that.
  2. Original material? Not that difficult. But not as much FUN as being the proprietor of the longest-running, most-read DUMBFUCK-exposing blog on the Internet.
  3. There’s always the vault. So much unexamined material in the vault.
  4. DUMBFUCK is getting pretty brazen! That’s sure to be a winning strategy.

Registration is easy, and free – all you have to do is give it all you PII and NEVER disagree with its DUMBFUCKING DUMBFUCK opinions unless you want that PII spewed all over cyberspace. Because that’s your Jovial DUMBFUCKING Host through to the core.

I wonder who will provide its content after it kicks itself out. Oh, does it mean ME??

That can’t be…

It doesn’t respond to trolls. It doesn’t lack enough self control to prevent itself from not resonding to trolls all day long (I think), even though it wished them into the cornfield many months ago. It just rebrands. And rebrands. And rebrands. And uses Twitter to promote radio stations that NOBODY CAN FIND and blog posts that NOBODY CAN READ.

Hysterical belly laughs. Celebrations. And yawns.

30 years of journalist experience. Fabulous. Try maybe one day learning about bringing content to market.

But first maybe a day learning how to take critique.

And before that, a day learning how not to be a fucking idiot.

Going on 61 years without ever figuring that out…I guess Big John never taught it the fastest little swimmer didnt necessarily make the smartest kid. Or maybe it just took a couple too many clangers off the skull from Momma’s best cast iron skillet.

Who cares?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

15 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. If a mayo loving PD infected Schmalfeldt rebrands in a forest and no one see it, did it really happen?

  1. A private blog, unless meant to serve a specific function for a group of people, is sort of useless. Sort of like tits on a bull, but Ireally don't want to be seen as claiming that BS is anything close to a bull - more like bullshit.

  2. Original material? Not that difficult. But not as much FUN as being the proprietor of the longest-running, most-read DUMBFUCK-exposing blog on the Internet.

    Such modesty. This is the longest-running, most-read DUMBFUCK related blog, including anything DUMBFUCK has ever written.

  3. So, you can take the DUMBFUCK out of Maryland, but you can not take the Dumb out the DUMBFUCK.

  4. The Porner hit the road
    kicked out of his former abode

    The Son of his wife
    showed him less nice

    the way to leave him alone

  5. Everyone is missing the point. Think of the wonderful time he will have inventing and registering sock puppets to his very own blog. Within weeks, his private blog may have tens of thousands of registrants that he can brag about.

        1. FOBs get Neal socks for free.

          And Brazilian homebrew VPNs, or so I hear.


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